The Hatter Hangout Takeover Confirmation

If you have any questions or need to reschedule please email us!

Thank you for booking a takeover in The Hatter Hangout!

We’re looking forward to hanging out with you! Please make sure you join the group immediately so we can set you as moderator when it’s time for your takeover.

Takeover FAQ

-Each slot is for half an hour & all times are eastern standard time.

-Mods are set every Sunday so you have plenty of time to schedule your posts.

-We will send an e-mail when you have been made mod letting you know so you don’t lose the invite in notifications along with a schedule of the week if you need a reminder of your time or day.

-In regards to why we ask for PA’s to not post on your behalf, readers are there because they want to see YOU not your PA. We’ve noticed a trend of disappointed readers and very little interaction when authors send their PA to do their takeover instead of being there. It is nothing personal against PA’s.

Takeover and Party Rules

1. Please do not approve member requests after being given mod status. We appreciate you trying to be helpful but we screen member requests to prevent spam and drama. You are given mod status to schedule or be able to live post for your takeover or release party ONLY.

2. Please do not approve pending posts. Same reasons as above.

3. Please do not post promo outside of your takeover. If you’d like to share something before or after contact us.

4. Please respect the admins. We understand this is your party/takeover, but this is our group. We host up to 50 takeovers a month, not including release parties completely free.

5. Please DO NOT alter your release party form that we make. That form is made the way it is for us to be able to organize your party and keep things running smoothly. Once again, we are doing this work FOR FREE so please don’t make our jobs harder.

6. If you have any issue or concern please EMAIL us. Messages tend to get bogged down and may be missed.

Group links

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The Hatters on Facebook

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