Hatter Chat: The Last Post (About This)

I've already done this on social media, but a lot of people are still only seeing things here on our website so I'm adding this here with some expanding because I have more room to ramble. If you need to know what this is about from the start The update from the start Yesterday’s update... Continue Reading →


Please. Just. Stop.

This isn't tea. This isn't drama. This is me, as a human, as a woman, as a scared mother making a plea for this to stop. Beyond the confrontation on the 10th I have not spoken to nor tried to speak to this author. I said my piece and I left her alone. Jokes were... Continue Reading →

Hatter Chat:Seriously though, I legit don’t use twitter. 🤣 y’all work with me here while I clarify in a way that won’t be perceived as arguing.

For those of you who don’t know what the hell this is even about. So there's some confusion on how I knew it was my review, how I knew it wasn't the other review that showed up on amazon and goodreads yesterday and why she mentioned it was the first goodreads review on her book... Continue Reading →

The first Hatter Chat: Trolls, drama & more

Let’s talk trolls. And drama. And paid reviews. And bloggers being biased. It’s what everyone loves right? Getting the tea. Watching a trainwreck. Whipping out your Michael Jackson eating popcorn gifs ready to screenshot away. We all do it. We’ve all at some point laughed about it, showed our friends and ultimately found entertainment in... Continue Reading →

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