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Cover Reveal: October 9th
Release Blitz: November 14th
Blog Tour: November 18th-22nd

Gone Country
Moving to a small town is not my idea of a good time. But if I get the new distribution center up and running… The promotion is mine and I’ll be back in the city in no time.

This should be a piece of cake.


My car ends up in a ditch. A snake decides to visit me. And I live in the middle of nowhere without any neighbors.

My only saving grace… the hot mechanic that rescues me and wants to “hang out”.

Can I handle a no strings attached relationship without catching feelings?


Blog Tour: October 1-4
Promotional Only

Breaking The Cages
Seven authors have banded together to raise money for The Sarnia Humane Society.
Each romantic story will have you begging for more and we don’t disappoint. This collection isn’t a small one.
The Sarnia Humane Society provide shelter for abandoned and abused animals; giving them the care and love they desperately need.
All royalties made will be donated to this charity to help towards the animals’ care and helping them toward finding their forever home.
So go ahead, pick it up, you might just find your next book boyfriend inside.



Pacific Blue by Kristina Luckey

Review Tour: October 7th-11th
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Art first. Love later…or so she thought.
Sea life sculptor Piper Diaz is tired of being pressured to conform. She is never marrying, joining her family’s investment firm, or moving from her tiny industrial loft. Her sole focus is getting her artwork shown. And screw anyone who’s told her to drop the hobby. Nothing will stop her now that Pacific Blue Fine Art Gallery has agreed to show her sculptures. Things are finally going her way…

That is until entrepreneur and businessman Alex Hutton purchases the gallery and has zero interest in unknown artists. He gives her a choice to work for him or quit.

Alex has sunk all his money into reimagining Pacific Blue and turning it into a premier gallery. He won’t be distracted and certainly not by the beautiful Latina glaring at him. Still, there’s something about Piper he can’t shake, regardless of his heart-shattering past. Pacific Blue must open in a month or he loses everything. Working alongside Piper might just cause him to lose his heart along with his investment.

secret admirer ebook

Release Blitz: September 20, 2019

Blog Tour: September 23-29, 2019

ARCs available now!


Her love could set me free from the shadows…

Seeing Coco Becket for the first time, made my heart start beating again. It changed everything.

Before her I had no purpose, no reason to live.

She was the most beautiful woman I had ever met, I couldn’t help but fantasize about kissing her plump lips or having those sky blue eyes staring back at mine, seeing beyond what I truly was. Broken and ashamed.

My desire for her ran deep, deeper than I expected it too. She was a Goddess and I was simply caught up in her glow, I couldn’t say no. Not to her kindness, and not to my need to be near her.

Coco was the good in life where I was the bad. She became the sun to my never ending darkness.

When a mysterious situation brings us together, I discover that I’ll do anything to keep her safe. Even if it means risking my own life, to save hers.

Because before her, love was just a word I’d heard in passing…and now I’ll destroy anyone that tries to take her, or that love away from me.

Kiss Me: Jax and Gabi by Harlow Layne

Cover Reveal: November 1, 2019

Release: November 15, 2019

Blog Tour: November 15-22, 2019


Get swept up in this insta-love holiday romance that will make you believe in the magic of New Year’s.

Jax is the modern-day equivalent of a Prince Charming, but he views himself as a beast. He rescues a beauty from the side of the road and never expected one night would change his life forever.

Gabi needed an escape from her world in LA. When her rescuer found her and her wrecked vehicle, she thought he was an angel. She quickly discovers she can rescue him back in a different way.

A holiday power outage still manages to shine light upon what matters most to Gabi and Jax—the people and the moments that define us.

One accident.

A one-night stand.

Two hearts.

And…some mistletoe.

What happens when the ball drops on New Year’s?

You Will Break by Ember Michaels

This is the second book in the Rules of Bennett series.

You Will Break is NOT a stand alone

You can find the previous books here:

Rules of Bennett

You Will Bow

Cover Reveal: October 1, 2019

Release: October 15, 2019


The ultimate sins must be paid for in blood and it’s time to paint the town red.

When betrayals are unearthed and tragedy strikes my solid foundation, secrets are brought to light and one fact becomes clear—Wilson Moreno must die.

But taking down the man who made me won’t be easy.

For years I sat undetected, doing his dirty work while quickly becoming the perfect threat to take him down.

And now it’s time to take back what’s always been mine.

There’s only room in Hell for one devil and I have no plans of giving up my throne.

And I’m prepared to break any soul that thinks they can take it.

Fractured by Scarlett Holloway.

This is the second book in the Devil’s Six Guns MC series

Book one is available on kindle unlimited now:

Cover Reveal: September 29 , 2019

Release: October 29, 2019

Blog Tour: October 29-November 4, 2019


He was the Beauty. She was the Beast.

Thrown together under less than Ideal circumstances, Espina “Thorne” Lopez and Dalton “Apollo” Kilpatrick try to make the best out of an impossible situation. Living in close quarters however, some feelings are bound to get tangled.

While Thorne and Apollo try to figure out what is happening between them, Outside forces are determined to bring the DSMC down. With Romeo stuck in the past and a rival club at their back will the Devil’s Six guns Motorcycle club survive or will it forever be….Fractured?

Chaos in the Storm by Allyson Lindt

Cover Reveal: October 1, 2019

Release Tour: January 28, 2020


Their choices. Their battle. Their lives.

Hel has flipped the kill switch, and the race is on for Kirby to stop the countdown before it hits zero.

Kirby swore she’d never return to the TOM academy. With the lives of all the students at risk, she has to push aside her personal demons and confront her past.

Having her former lovers—those who swore they’d let her go her own way—back in her life isn’t so great for her mental stability either.

Kirby’s caught in a web of lies and murder. Will saving TOM’s latest victims destroy her sanity and the life she’s finally building for herself and those she loves?



Irish Eyes and Mafia Lies by J. Haney & S.I. Hayes
Release Date – September 24th
Blog Tour – September 25th – 29th
Genre: New Adult Contemporary RomanceBlurb:
After witnessing the brutal beating of her father at Irish Mob boss Antaine Sorley’s hand, Onóra Russo is on the run. Together with her little brother Finn she has fled the safety of her Chicago home for places unknown.
Her instincts say keep running, but loyalty says to do as Daddy instructed. Make the call to the one man who can help her. What happens when the one who answers isn’t who she expects?
Can Onóra trust this Irishman who claims neutrality? With the Irish and Italian’s looking for them does she have a choice?
Rónán knew, knew before he traced the call it was going to be trouble. Then he heard her Siren’s call and couldn’t refuse. It may put his life on the line, but he’ll help her, whatever the cost. Even if that cost is his heart.

Review Tour: September 23rd-September 27th



Arielle Miller has had a bad year, she’s lost more than any 18 year old should. Now she’s starting over, new state, new city, new life. She’s attending college, getting her degree and maybe, just maybe, starting to heal.

He wasn’t supposed to be here. He wasn’t meant for her.

Colton Dawson shouldn’t look at her the way he does, shouldn’t make her feel the way he does and yet he’s holding back, keeping her at a distance.

Can she cope with being so near to Colton, but not being with him, or will this time mean losing everything……….losing him?



War by Michelle Brown

Cover Reveal: August 15th
Release Date: October 10th, 2019


Sick and twisted? That’s me.
I always wanted what was wrong, and yet I didn’t care. Now, he needs me and if I have to destroy the world to do it, then that’s what I’ll do.

They underestimate me, overlook me, and they think I’m weak. They’re fools, and I’ll burn everything to the ground to get what I want. I will watch as they fall to their knees and beg for mercy.

I am WAR.


little lies COVER 4 small

Love & Lust Series (Books One-Three) by Cassandra Cripps

Review Tour: September 23rd-September 27th

ARCs available now!

Love, Lust & Little Lies (Book One)

State Trooper Lacy Greene’s youthful, gothic appearance makes her perfect for an undercover operation inside a local high school infested with drug dealers and gangs. But what she doesn’t expect is to be attracted to a sexy gym teacher who has no idea who she really is.
Damien Aolani has never been tempted by a student before—in fact, it pisses off his usually controlled manner whenever anyone breaks a student’s trust or innocence. So, what is it about his new student Lacy that has her consuming every second of his thoughts?
Sparks fly, but lies keep them apart. If the truth comes out, will it bring them together? Or destroy what could have been?

Love, Lust & Letting Go (Book Two)

She was my student.
I should have stayed away.
I tried to stay away from her.
Tried to fight my feelings.
A lot of fucking good that did.
Now, I might have lost her…
For good.

Love, Lust & Loyalty (Book Three)

Posing as a deviant student was not supposed to be this difficult. When Detective Lacy Greene signed up for an undercover operation in Fort Wayne, Indiana posing as a drug-selling high school kid, she never imagined her life would spiral so far beyond her control. Within a matter of months, she secretly helped eliminate the main drug pipeline for the city. Next, came the arrest of all the members of 806, a notoriously violent gang. Then, life interrupted in the form of her a sexy high school teacher, Damien Aolani. After he broke her cover, they found themselves unable to withstand their attraction. Covertly dating her teacher added one more thing to her list of secrets to keep.

In a twist of fate, Lacy finds her emancipation revoked and placed on probation, forced to live with her new foster parent and teacher, Damien. Yet, their steamy bliss is threatened almost as soon as it starts. As Lacy embarks on a new mission to stop another gang, dangers increase and multiple love triangles emerge, pushing Lacy and Damien to their extremes. Can their secret relationship hold when their loyalty to each other is tested?


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