The Red Hatter Book Blog was started in June of 2017 by two crazy redheaded soul sisters, Julia & Britt. With a huge love of all things indie romance, Julia and Britt actually met while fangirling over two of their favorite authors (shout out to Cambria Hebert and Alanea Alder! It’s your fault this crazy duo came to exist. WE LOVE YOU!) Quickly after starting Red Hatter we realized we wanted to include audiobook reviews, but both of us knew we may be fast readers but we are not fast listeners. Lucky for us we had an AMAZING friend who happens to be the queen of all things audio fangirl, Ari. She was all on board with our crazy ideas and before we knew it this duo became a trio!

And that, folks, is the beautiful story of the birth of The Red Hatter Book Blog.

In 2019 we decided to open up our assistant and event services to everyone after being assistants behind the scenes for quite a few years. Red Hatter Book Tours & PA Services offers afforable options for everyone whether you need some pretty teasers or an assistant to organize all the things!

Now, to FAQ’s.

Where can I contact you nut jobs to read/review/promote my books?

Easy peasy, you can use the form on the contact page of our website or email us directly at HeyHatters@redhatterbookblog.com

Where can I stalk you lunatics?

We love being stalked. We’re kinky like that. You can find us all over the place!

The Red Hatter Book Blog on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/redhatterbookblog/

Our reader group where we host takeovers and giveaways and shenanigans: https://www.facebook.com/groups/527181580949586/

The Red Hatter Book Blog on Instagram: instagram.com/redhatterbookblog

The Red Hatter Book Blog on Twitter: twitter.com/redhatterblog

Red Hatter Book Tours & PA Services on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/redhatterbooktours/

What is your review policy?

We are strictly romance, but all styles/genres/tropes/whatever you call it. We post only 3 star and above ratings on our blog and social media, but will post ALL reviews no matter the rating on retailers and good reads. Our schedules are all different so depending on which of us your blurb intrigues (or who wins the arm wrestling match and/or dance off) will determine if we can review in a day or a week.

I’m interested in your assistant services! Do you have spots available?

We currently are accepting new clients. Shoot us an email at HeyHatters@redhatterbookblog.com

I’m not sure I need a full time assistant. Do you have options?

We offer a variety of packages for Assistant services to fit most people’s needs and budget. We also offer a la carte services to build the perfect fit for you if none of our packages are what you are looking for.

Are y’all sane?

Probably not. Pretty sure Ari is. Maybe.

Update: She’s not. Our only hope for Sanity is Heather.


Hi, Julia here! I’m a bookaholic with a love of all things paranormal and sci-fi. I have four minions who would help me take over the world if I could keep my nose out of a book long enough. I married my own superhero who is lovingly called Captain Douche. I’m from the South where swear words and sweet tea flow naturally. I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I could remember. I love all types of books but always go to paranormal when I can. I like my heroines to be sassy and my heroes to be alpha.

“Red is my sister from another mister. She fully understands and appreciates a deep love of Thor. While I don’t understand the need for Sundrop at all times, I can respect her odd tastes. She will forever be my Big Sister Cousin ❤️.” -Britt




Hello! I’m the second half of Red Hatter, Britt. My book obsession leads me to read anything romance. I would read the back of a cereal box if it had a love story on it. I am the mom to three little human monsters and many furred and scaled ones too. I’ve been married for many years to my very own Alpha Hero and live in a place where I melt all summer long.

I have been an author assistant since 2016 and love my job. I do everything from graphics, to being a human alarm clock when it comes to my clients making everyday a nonstop adventure.

My current client list is:

Teagan Brooks

Sandy Alvarez & Crystal Daniels

KE Osborn

Kristen Hope Mazzola

Ashley Lane

Rina Kent

CL Matthews

Ember Michaels

Michelle Brown

Teresa Crumpton

Kristen Luciani

Amanda Faye

Rachel Leigh

B.L. Mute

Sade Rena

Right now I am accepting new clients as an Assistant on a case by case basis.

I’m also the event organizer for Red Hatter Book Tours. We are always open for booking events and I’d love to chat with anyone who has any questions.

“Hatter is my soul bish who has an unnatural love for tacos. She’s the tortilla to my taco, the bun to my hamburger, and the cheese to my pizza. She is also the petty queen 👑.”  -Julia

“Britt is awesome and fearless and her love of tacos is the best thing ever. She’s also irreplaceable to Julia and I. Especially because she’s he only one who knows how to edit the blog properly 😘.”  -Ari


Hey peeps! I’m the final third of The Red Hatter. I love all the romance, but sports, enemies-to-lovers, and reformed bad boys are my main jam! I’m in constant audiobook fangirl mode, but I also eyeball all the words, too. I’m a mom to three small terrors ranging from teenager to toddler. I have an amazing husband who buys me beautiful bookshelves and tolerates my love for narrator Will M. Watt. (Listen to his audiobooks, but remember I licked him first.)

Ari is now accepting clients as an Assistant!

Her current clent list is:

Kristina Luckey

Susana Mohel

S. Massery

Misty Walker

A.M. Johnson


“Ari is a sexy mama of three who loves listening to men say c*ck, especially Will Watt. She listens to books all the time, including through speakers at Target. ” -Julia

“Ari understands the tweets we do not.” -Britt