For many years you’ve known us as The Hatters. And we’ve loved being The Hatters, but if I’m being 100% honest, Hatters was never a name that fit us. Maybe in the beginning when it was just me and a friend sharing our love of books and pulling a name out of our asses based on our favorite characters it did. But since that beginning we have grown, changed, drifted in other directions, brought in new faces, learned new skills…the list is pretty long.

It’s been quite some time since Ari or I have had the time to sit back and review books. Heather jumped in to keep the reviews and reveals going for you guys here but we haven’t gotten to really do much on the blog front ourselves.

And that brings about this sorta farewell. Sorry to disappoint those who aren’t our fans, we aren’t ACTUALLY leaving the community. Quite the opposite. We’re moving. Moving to bigger and more exciting things, moving to where we have creative freedom, moving to a name that fits all of us as a whole…

We are now Chaotic Creatives!

We have a new home at https://www.chaoticcreatives.com/ where you can find EVERYTHING we have to offer. If you’re here for reviews, releases, and reveals the blog is now there. If you’re here for Britt & Ari’s cover design that’s also there. If you’re here for influencer events hosted by us, you guessed it, also there.

Being The Hatters was a period of time that was filled with as much joy as heartbreak for me for a multitude of reasons and the entire hatter team is now excited to freely be our chaotic selves. If you’ve been here throughout all these years, thank you and I hope you’ll follow us on our new adventure. If you just found us, HI! I’d say sorry for the chaos, but it’s kind of on brand.

Chaotically Yours,
The Former Hatters

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