New Release + Review: Bren By BJ Alpha

Title: BREN
Series: Secrets and Lies Series Book 4
Author: BJ Alpha
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
Tropes: Age-Gap Romance, BDSM, Jealous/Possessive

She was in a crate.
A crate.
Ready to be trafficked on demand.
The sky blue, doe-eyed, blond girl, the epitome of innocence.
How wrong was I?
She’s been trained to please, to pleasure, and submit.
Over my dead body, will I let anyone touch her. Anyone but me.
She’s mine. Mine to protect. Mine to care for.
But when truths come to light, they risk tearing us apart, and I’m left with the greatest decision of my life.
Do I set her free?
I grew up in a compound.
I’m known as Red Seven. Until him…
He gave me a name. A purpose. A life.
Everything I’ve ever wanted and never knew I needed.
But when secrets and lies come into play, I’m left broken. Destroyed.
I refuse to be the submissive I’ve been trained to be.
I need to find my own path and finally be free, but can we find a way for him to keep me when there’s so much at stake?
WARNING: This book contains triggers. It has sensitive and explicit storylines such as: human trafficking, strong sexual violence, sexual scenes with dubious consent, graphic violence and strong language. It is recommended for readers aged eighteen and over.

4 Satr Heather

Ok.. This book was a little slow for me in the beginning, but when it picked up for me it picked up. I couldn’t put it down and I needed more. Bren lays eyes on Sky an instantly knows she is it for him.
Sky was raised on a compound to be the obedient perfect wife. She has been trained to be the perfect submissive so when she meets Bren she does what she has been trained to do. Bren is a hard man and needs to ruthless since he is the head of the family. He was raised to do what needs to be done and his take no prisoner attitude has gotten him and his family through some of their darkest times.
When the feelings start to flow for these two they come easy for Sky since she really doesn’t know any better, but for Bren it is harder. He is older(yummy), he has dark taste(yummy), and he is OTT alpha(extra Yummy). He has never really had anything for his own until her. She brings a light into his life that he finds himself craving it. He finds himself wanting things he never thought about. He finds that he will do anything for her and anyone who threatens that will be sorry.
As I said in the beginning the story started out slow, but as these two find their way with each other you see just how perfect they are for each other.
Sassy Southern Book Blog Review – “WOW!!! What a roller coaster of a ride!!! This book took me on so many emotions that I got whiplash!”
Goodreads Review – “BJ Alpha has hit it out of the park once again!!”

Hi! I’m BJ Alpha an author of steamy romance. I live in the UK with my hubby, two boys and three dogs. Making for a very active household.

I love to write feisty heroines and scorching hot heroes with dirty mouths. I really love Dark Romance so hope to move deeper into that genre.

As an avid reader and now turned writer, I love nothing more than a night in with a good book.

Let me know if I’ve forgot anything.


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