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About Redeem Me


Finding him was all I’d wanted the last three weeks. He’d haunted my mind, my dreams. I couldn’t decipher what was real or fake. Did he even exist at all?


Nothing would stop me from getting back to her.

Or so I thought.

Waking up without identification on the opposite side of the world would throw a kink in things.

When we made it back to each other, it would perfect right?

We were at college now. No longer under our families’ thumb.

But when missing posters pop-up on campus, more each day, we realized something much sinister might be waiting for us.

We’d never guessed how far they’d go to keep us apart, but they underestimated what we’d do to stay together.

5 Star Heather

Ok first I want to begin by apologizing to the author. You may be wanting to know what for Heather…. Well let me tell you. Brittany I am sorry that I did not find you sooner.
This series is the first books I have read by you, and I loved them. I couldn’t put them down and with me back in the office I was finding it difficult concentrating on what I was supposed to be concentrating on. I needed know what was going to happen next with each turn of the page.
Redeem Me picks right up where Dare Me leaves off. Roman struggling on getting back to Raquel. I think these two prove they will do whatever it takes to be together. They have a few bumps in their road, but they refuse to let them tear them apart. They conquer and prevail within these pages.
The world that Ms. Tarkington created with these characters have me craving for more. I am hoping she continues with this series, because I for one and hoping to get Rhett and Ryder’s stories.


Meet Brittany Tarkington

I’ve always had a crazy imagination and I loved writing. So, I started writing Forever Careless to see if I had it in me. It was too much fluff for me, however my friends loved it. So, I wrote another, this time I pushed to boundaries of fluff.

One day, while in a very bad mood, I thought of a story without a happy ending. One with real problems and real people. A story that was very close to my heart. It nagged me constantly. Months later, I sat down and started Hazed. At first, he was going to be apart of the Forever Series. Just come in and wreck their lives. Instead, I went another route.

Only weeks later, Hazed was finished. I was obsessed with it. It took me over a year to finish my first novel and weeks to finish this one. I knew what that meant. I liked to write about bad people who do bad things. I like to get inside their minds and feel their crazy. So, if you’re looking for hearts and flowers, you won’t find them here. My stories are real and they aren’t pretty.

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