PreOrder Blast: The Forgotten Throne by Elizabeth Knight


The Forgotten Throne is coming February 28th!

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Preorder your copy of The Forgotten Throne by Elizabeth Knight


About Her The Forgotten Throne

After the shocking deceit of the false guardian, the Restless Mountain hideout has been exposed and the Lost King has forcefully claimed Norden Castle. Danger comes, not only to Cassarah but to the mercenaries that stand with her. Forced to make sudden and unexpected decisions to save them all, Cassarah does the unthinkable…taking them back to Sheca.

Sheca – The land forgotten by generations. The land the mercenaries originated from. The land that does not accept strangers. With no other choice, Cassarah is forced to fly to Sheca, to request their help. She quickly discovers far more than she bargained for. Hidden away in their history is the key to winning the battle with the Lost King.

With the strength of her guardians, and Vasin at her back, the wheels of change will be set into motion to reveal surprises and truths that no one saw coming.

Will she be able to gather the trust of her leadership and those depending on her while trying to solve the mystery from the past fast enough? Will she be able to save her people from the danger right in front of them? Can Cassarah rise and become the Dragon Queen the prophecy foretold and promised them?

In a true test of fortitude and strength, Cassarah discovers what it really means to be Queen while she also finds out that sometimes second chances aren’t always possible.

Only time will tell. Time they are quickly running out of.

This is a why choose romance where the leading lady doesn’t have to choose who she loves or how many. Book contains 18+ content—swearing, sexual situations, and some violance.


Meet Elizabeth Knight

Elizabeth is originally from Illinois but is now living in the sunny Phoenix AZ. Though she is newer to publishing, Elizabeth has been writing for nine years. She started out in YA Fiction but recently found herself loving the Reverse Harem genre. Like her favorite books, Elizabeth loves to write strong women of all varieties. Not all strength is flashy or apparent at first glance—some lies just under the surface.

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