New Release + Review Cal by BJ Alpha



I knew her only as Carmen, the little hottie from a night of passion in Vegas, the love of my life!

15 years later after tracking down a cyber thief who has stolen millions from me and my family, I’m holding a gun to her head thanks to her dumb-ass son! Only he’s not just her son… secrets are exposed and just when I think things can’t get any worse? The Cartel are after them.


My teenage son leaves a trail of destruction in his wake, the latest, stealing millions from a Mafia family. Cal the sexy man from my past comes barreling back into my life, as if it isn’t chaotic enough, he’s holding a gun to my head.

My ex-lover is now my savior, only I’m not sure he can handle the number of secrets and chaotic baggage we bring. 

*The first book of five in the ‘Secrets and Lies Series’ based around the O’Connell family. They are part of an Irish Mafia family. Each book follows the story of one of the five brothers.


4 Satr Heather

I want to start off b y saying this book is not what I expected. Is it a bad thing? Absolutely not. Lily and Cal have a fling in Vegas 15 years ago. Cal has never been able to get the beautiful woman out of his head. He knew she was meant to be his so imagine his surprise when he sees her again 15 years later. Imagine his surprise when he sees what else she has of his!!!
I fell in love with Reece from the beginning. The mischievous things he does is for the ones he loves. He is the one in this book that I would not want to mess with. This story is fast paced and you will find yourself falling in love with all the characters.

Meet BJ Alpha



BJ Alpha is a  new author from the UK.  She  loves to both read and write steamy romance novels.

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