New Release: In Silence She Screams by Amo Jones

In Silence She Screams, a decadently dark romance filled with white-hot heat and jaw-dropping plot twists from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Amo Jones, is available now!

Love will never die if it exists on the lips of death. I often thought about this while I was locked inside my Doll House in Patience. Groomed every second of every day, they made sure to cover all of the darkness lurking in my soul with the false guise of perfection. The soul is fickle. Naked to the public eye and only visible to the owner, a soul bleeds every time it’s put through pain. But when that’s hidden, it spreads. The trick is to protect it from reaching your brain.
It was too late for me.
Until I met them.
One was an Elite King.
One was a Brother of Kiznitch.
Both were liars.
I’m Lilith Patience, The Sorcerer of Death and daughter of one of the most feared organizations known to man. After being thrust into the notorious world of Midnight Mayhem, I found myself coiled around a past that I want to forget and a future that could destroy me. I love two men, and they love me as much as they love each other, but when the demons of my past tighten their grip around my throat, will I finally let them strip away the layers of perfection to get to my rotten, withered soul? Maybe.
Or maybe they’ll die trying.

Where does 1 even begin to write a review on this book. I’m gonna tell you like I told Amo she is a mind-f#ck genius!!! Holy hell you need to prepare yourselves for the damn ride you are going to be going on. There are twists, turns, and a few WTF moments that will leave you screaming for more.
There is more to these 3 characters than what meets the eye. My heart hurt and ached for each if them for very different reasons. Lilith is unlike any character before her. Kyrin is our dark broody Brother of Kiznitch who gives a whole new meaning to the word alpha-hole. Eli our Elite King well this delicious morsel is the most secretive of them all 🤫. That is all I’m going to say about that.
Their story is not for the faint of heart. You will find yourself clinging to this book sitting on the edge if your seat praying to ALL the God’s, and quite possibly you will be cussing out Amo for her dark and twisted words!

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Meet Amo Jones
Amo Jones is a USA Today & Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author whose books have been translated in multiple countries.

She resides in the tropics of Australia with her family, though she’s a born and bred Kiwi who more often than not, misses New Zealand.

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