Blog Tour + Review: Rejecting Fate by Skye Alder

The boxset of REJECTING FATES by Skye Alder is out now! Check it out and grab this paranormal shifter romance today!

Title: Rejecting Fates

Author: Skye Alder

Genre: Paranormal Romance

About Rejecting Fates:

Fated Mates, Office Workplace Romance, and Steamy Scenes. Oh My!

Rejecting My Shifter Boss

This Shifter CEO just met his match. But will he be able to make her his?

Rejected By The Billionaire Shifter

When the full moon comes, will this Billionaire Shifter Alpha be able to resist his true mate?

Rejected By The CEO Shifter

Will these two shifters be able to see how lucky they are to have each other? Or will he have pushed her too far away.

5 Star Heather

I like a good shifter romance, but when shifter romances have Alpha-holes for their heroes I LOVE them! This series was my first introduction to this author and it won’t be my last. I found myself devouring each book, and I found myself craving more.
In Rejecting My Shifter Boss we get introduced to the sisters Kierra and Peyton. I won’t go onto great detail on why these two end up in Forest Park Colorado, but know it is fate!! Roman Matthews is the alpha of his pack and when he gets the scent of his fated mate he will do anything to get her! Kierra is a strong willed young lady who refuses to be played by the alpha male.
In Rejected by the Billionaire Shifter Peyton Kierra’s sister knows she is the fated mate to Alpha Stryker. Problem is Stryker does not want a mate and refuses Peyton. When someone tries to take what belongs to him the question arises will Stryker do what is right or lose his fated mate forever?
In Rejected by the CEO Shifter our lovely Everly has been through a horrific event. When she moves to Forest Park, Colorado she meets the sisters Kierra and Peyton. Upon meeting them she meets her Alpha Boss Archer. Now Archer is the Alpha-hole of all alpha-holes. He refuses to be tied down by someone he feels is not right for him All I will say is never judge a book by its cover where Everly is concerned!
These 3 books are sweet, spicy, and perfect. I loved each individual couple and I loved how everything worked out.

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About Skye Alder:

Cameron Hart & Shaw Hart are a duo of romance authors who teamed up to write under the pseudonym, Skye Alder. They share a love of comedy TV shows, matcha tea, and trying their very best to do yoga.

When they aren’t bonding over funny memes, they like to brainstorm new book ideas. One day, they decided to collaborate and have some fun creating new characters and worlds that will make you blush and have your heart melting.

If you enjoy sweet and sexy paranormal romance books (Specifically shifter romances!) then a Skye Alder book is for you!

Connect with Skye:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinerest

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