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About the book


I’m done with dating.

Happily-ever-after isn’t in the cards for me, so I’m officially taking myself off the market.

Hockey is my mecca.

The arena my temple.

The ice the altar I worship at.

Then…I met her.

Strip me naked and run me over with a Zamboni—she’s the textbook definition of a bad love match.

Amara Miller, beyond beautiful and effortlessly drawing me into her orbit and making it impossible to resist her.


It should have been a simple cross-country move.

Instead, it sent me crashing—quite literally—into the captain of Coach’s new hockey team.

Did I mention he was half-naked when it happened?

It doesn’t matter that he’s sexy as sin and the swooniest motherpucker I’ve ever met.

I will not lust after hockey players.

Been there.

Done that.

Bought the maternity shirt.

And Ryan Donnelly? He’s pretty much Mr. Hockey.

The problem is, I’m not the only one enamored with him—my kid is too.

It’s turning into a problem, because this mama doesn’t have time to play games when it comes to our hearts.

Scoring Beauty is a sporty, sexy romcom featuring a hot-mess (at least in her eyes) single mom who’s about to knock this swoony motherpucking hockey player on his very fine behind. This interconnected stand-alone comes complete with your favorite can’t-mind-their-own-business Covenettes, a next generation trying their hands at the matchmaking shenanigans, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.


Omg this book was so freaking good! Like 5 delicious carne asada tacos on a taco Tuesday kind of good! First of al where have I been?! SCORING BEAUTY by Alley Ciz is book 6 in her BTU Alumni series and you bet your bookish butt I’m going back to catch up on the series!

First of all, I love me a good single-parent/sports romance so I was all over this blurb and I was not disappointed! The chemistry between MCs, the lovable side characters, the stellar banter, and OMG THE ROMANCE! This was *chef’s kiss* y’all! If you swoons and butterflies plus an awesome story and witty as fudge writing YOU NEED THIS! Totally recommend, but excuse me as I go binge the whole series! 5 stars.

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About Alley Ciz

Alley Ciz is an internationally bestselling indie author of sassy heroines and the alpha men that fall on their knees for them. She is a romance junkie whose love for books turned into her telling the stories of the crazies who live in her head…even if they don’t know how to stay in their lane.

This Potterhead can typically be found in the wild wearing a funny T-shirt, connected to an IV drip of coffee, stuffing her face with pizza and tacos, chasing behind her 3 minis, all while her 95lb yellow lab—the best behaved child—watches on in amusement.

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