New Release + Double Review: Read To Me by S. Rena & BL Mute


Read to Me by S. Rena & BL Mute is LIVE!


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About Read to Me

Love makes you weak.

It breeds doubt, confusion, and doesn’t belong in our world. Something my father made sure of, and like the doting son, I believed him.

I guard myself…put my focus on corruption and fear instead.

But, Arloe—she was never afraid.

She fantasizes about men like me, except I’m real and my life is no fairy tale.

They call me a monster—a thief in the night created to cause chaos, but she’s always loved a good adventure into the unknown.

Perhaps that’s why she reads.

*S. Rena & BL Mute books contain high steam, dark themes, and potentially triggering subjects. Read at your own risk.

5 Star Heather

This story is based on the Easton are dark and mysterious hero and Arloe are sassy book store owner who is not afraid to speak her mind.
Easton is part of the Ciccone family. They were all raised to be soldiers for their father and will do whatever is necessary for the family. With this being said Easton is very intrigued by the little book store owner, and does not understand the pull he has towards her. Arloe is spunky and feisty she brings out a whole other side to Easton. Now don’t get me wrong he is dark and dangerous when he needs to be. You would never think these two would be together, but she is the light to his dark.
I loved watching these two grow not just as individuals but as a couple as well Arloe finds out a lot about herself while exploring a relationship with Easton. Easton also realizes there might just be a little bit more to life than what meets the eye.
The chemistry between these two is evident from their very first meeting.

S. Rena and BL Mute weren’t lying! READ TO ME, their contribution to the Tangled Sheets Anthology, is HOT AF! 

Twisted doesn’t even begin to describe this, but I was here. For. It! Delicious dark, mafia romance with a hero who can probably talk the panties off of nun and, as the authors like to say, some nasty, freaky h0e shiz that had me slightly questioning what was left of my morals yet savoring every damn word lol. Gah, this was just lava levels of hot. 

If you’re into all that we should be book friends and then you DEFINITELY need to dive into Read to Me and the rest of the stories in this anthology! Grab this one for sure!

TEASER 3 (2)


Meet S. Rena & BL Mute

S. Rena & BL Mute are two Texas livings gal’s who found friendship through their love of books. After months of discussion, they took the leap and decided to bring more twisty and dark books into the world together.


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