Pre-Order Blast: Read To Me by S. Rena & BL Mute


Read to Me by S. Rena & BL Mute is coming September 14th!




About Read to Me

Love makes you weak.

It breeds doubt, confusion, and doesn’t belong in our world. Something my father made sure of, and like the doting son, I believed him.

I guard myself…put my focus on corruption and fear instead.

But, Arloe—she was never afraid.

She fantasizes about men like me, except I’m real and my life is no fairy tale.

They call me a monster—a thief in the night created to cause chaos, but she’s always loved a good adventure into the unknown.

Perhaps that’s why she reads.

*S. Rena & BL Mute books contain high steam, dark themes, and potentially triggering subjects. Read at your own risk.

TEASER 1 (2)

Meet S. Rena & BL Mute

S. Rena & BL Mute are two Texas livings gal’s who found friendship through their love of books. After months of discussion, they took the leap and decided to bring more twisty and dark books into the world together.


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