New Release + Review: Frivilous by Veronica Lancet

Title: Frivolous
Author: Veronica Lancet
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
Release Date: July 30, 2021
Cover Design: Veronica Lancet
She was the beauty in a gilded cage.
He was the beast out for her destruction.

Bastiano “Bass” DeVille is not a good man, and he’s never professed to be one. He lives, breathes, and dies for the famiglia. And in a world where money rules, blood is spilled and corpses abound, he is a king among men. After all, five years in prison have only increased his appetite for violence. And now… he has a new target. The girl with stars in her eyes and thorns in her heart.

Gianna Guerra’s blinding beauty and glamorous life propelled her into the spotlight, bringing the New York City high society to her feet. Cruel and patronizing, people would rather be in her good graces than at the end of her tongue. But one failed engagement and her world threatens to fall apart. Because she may be the Queen Bee, but even mean girls have feelings. And Gianna’s might just take her on the road of no return.

May the wickedest win.

Frivolous is an enemies-to-lovers, age-gap, bodyguard dark mafia romance. It is a standalone in the Morally Questionable world. Please be advised that it contains a lot of sensitive themes. Read the triggers before proceeding.
3 stars Heather
3.5 strong stars. This is the 1st book I have read by this author. I was expecting something a little darker to feed my soul. I wonder if maybe I am missing something because this is part of a world I have never read. I think I may look this author up and start at the beginning……..
I will say there is a lot of potential here, but it just fell short for me. There are few darkish twists and turns that are deliciously twisted. The main characters do have chemistry and fire, the age gap did not bother me at all, and they fit together well. We are meant to think one thing about the heroine Gianna but we find out looks and rumors can be deceiving.
Now we all know how I dislike writing a low star review because I know how hard authors work to give us the perfect book, but I also believe in being honest as well.

Goodreads Review – “Now this isn’t a typical HEA with sunshine and rainbows, it’s dark, it’s dirty and it’s delicious.”

Goodreads Review – “All of the unexpected twists in this book made it impossible to put down. Once I started this book I had to know what was going to happen next.”

Goodreads Review – “Dark, exciting, thrilling, and so deliciously decadent- this is definitely not a book you would want to ever miss!”


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