New Release + Review: First Comes Blood by Lilith Vincent

Title: First Comes Blood (A Mafia Reverse Harem Romance)

Series: Promised in Blood Book One
Author: Lilith Vincent
Genre: Dark Reverse Harem
Release Date: July 21, 2021
Cover Design: Untold Designs

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Four ruthless men. A virgin mafia princess to unite them. But first, there will be blood.
On my seventeenth birthday, I learn a terrible secret about my family. My future is in the hands of four brutal men, and what awaits me at their hands is too terrible to imagine.
Four men who desire me. Four men who vow to possess me. Four men who think they can destroy me.
As the only daughter of Coldlake’s mayor, I should be kept far, far out of their reach. Instead, I’m being thrown to them as a sacrifice. My father insists only one of them can marry me, but all of them vow to secure my promise.
A promise in blood.
They take. I bleed. Happy birthday to me.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: First Comes Blood is the first book in the Promised in Blood series and ends on a cliffhanger. These books contain dark themes, violence, and a Why Choose romance with ruthlessly possessive men. The story is dark, dirty and delicious so please read at your discretion.

4 stars Heather

Ok so I read this book a few days ago and I have been sitting here debating on my review. First off this book is really good, but it did not start out that way for me. I felt like everything was kinda jumbled around and I had to go back a few times to re-read some things. Now with this being said I now understand why I felt this way. You see the heroine is A 17 year old young lady whose life changes in the blink of an eye. The author does an AMAZING job portraying this! I had to remind myself she may be mature in some ways, but in many she is still a child. Now the 4 heroes in the book are all dark and broody. They have their own bad boy characteristics that will surly make your blood boil and toes curl!
I loved how the plot line twisted and kept me on my toes, and the author does an amazing job with all the characters. The ending to this book will leave you hanging and I am looking forward to the next book, because I am keeping my fingers crossed that what I think is going to happen will.
Download the FREE prologue novella today!
Lilith Vincent is a steamy mafia reverse harem writer who believes in living on the wild side! Why choose one when you could choose them all.


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