New Release + Review: Edge of Fear by Freya Barker

Title:Edge Of Fear (Arrow’s Edge MC, #4)
Author: Freya Barker
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: May 3, 2021
Image: Golden Czermak (Furious Fotog)

Model: Scott Benton
Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

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Ink and sawdust meets brisket and moxie
I’m a tattooed casualty.
A charmer, a fraud, a skeptic, and a carpenter.
My name is Tse.
I’m cocky enough to believe my own lies, but too oblivious to see the truth is already out there.
I’m a cautious perfectionist.
A sister, a scrapper, a dreamer, and a workhorse.
My name is Sophia.
I’m capable enough to plan ahead, yet too powerless to avoid getting blindsided.
We’re complete opposites—one who plays it safe, the other a thrill-seeker—but when old sins resurface bringing violence to the present, our path forward becomes clear.

Britt 5

By now it’s clear to anyone who knows me that I have an endless love for Freya Barker’s writing. She never fails in making the world around me disappear as I fall into the magic of one of her books, and Edge of Fear is another in a long list that utterly captivated me. I adore how her couples are always a great example of healthy relationships in romance.
Even in all his Alpha ways, Tse not only loved Sophia, he respected her. Even at his most protective and stressed he stops to listen and actually honor Sophia’s opinions and feelings. If that doesn’t bring out all the swoon for you, I don’t know what will. Of course it’s a nice, lovely, drool worthy bonus the man is hot…and hot in a way that makes him feel like an actual human. Then there’s Sophia who, like every leading lady I’ve ever read from Freya, is someone I genuinely wish was real because I’d love to be her friend. She’s down to earth, smart, independent, and completely relatable.
These two together not only have chemistry that sends sparks flying off the pages, but a connection that makes you fall just as hard for them as a couple as they do for each other. All of that romance is paired beautifully with suspense in a story that keeps you on edge while stealing your heart!

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USA Today bestselling author Freya Barker loves writing about ordinary people with extraordinary stories.
Driven to make her books about ‘real’ people; she creates characters who are perhaps less than perfect, each struggling to find their own slice of happy, but just as deserving of romance, thrills and chills in their lives.
Recipient of the 2019 Best Book We’ve Read All Year Award for “Covering Ollie, the 2015 RomCon “Reader’s Choice” Award for Best First Book, “Slim To None”, and Finalist for the 2017 Kindle Book Award with “From Dust”, Freya continues to add to her rapidly growing collection of published novels as she spins story after story with an endless supply of bruised and dented characters, vying for attention!

Available in Kindle Unlimited


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