New Release + Review: Mad Cruel World Anthology

 Release Date: March 4
The world as we knew it was gone…
And we were the ones left to pick up its pieces.

Mad Cruel World

As the world began to recover from a global pandemic, an unknown event caused the planet to go dark. No phones, no cars, no hospital equipment, no electricity whatsoever.
The world is now a wasteland through and through. Disease, famine, and war spread like wildfire. Some are lucky enough to have found refuge, and some have been left to fend for themselves.

Some have lost their husbands, their wives, their best friends…

Will they ever see them again?

Mad Cruel World asks the question: what happens to love in a world gone dark?

All of the stories featured in the Mad Cruel World Anthology are meant to be read as complete standalones and are not continuations of each other.

Review for Into Elysium by A.M. Johnson

I absolutely adore A.M. Johnson’s writing and jumped at the chance to read this story. This isn’t her usual wheelhouse when it comes to writing, but it was A.M. Johnson all the way. The story of two people falling in love and coming together even when the whole world is quite literally falling apart. Cale and Eben’s story I set in a dystopian world where factions are warring for power and Cale and Eben are navigating opposite sides and both are trying to survive. I can’t give away more without giving away the plot, but I can say that Johnson’s writing is beautiful and if it’s an indicator on what the rest of anthology is like then I need every single story. 5 stars.

Grab Your Copy Here!

Featured Authors:

T.L. Anderson

Amanda Cuff

Kim Deister

Victoria Ellis

Cady Verdiramo

Caitlyn Fournier

A.M. Johnson

K Leigh

Amanda Richardson

J.R. Rogue

Katia Rose

D.S. Wrights

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