New Release + Review: Sinful Heir by Michelle Heard

SINFUL HEIR (The Heirs #6) by Michelle Heard
Release Date: February 1st

Britt 5

Real question here, do you think there will ever come a day when Michelle Heard writes something that doesn’t leave me having to pick my jaw up off the floor? After years of devouring her books that answer still stands at a firm no. I’ve loved every book by this author I’ve ever read. I’ve adored each book in this series. Now let me say, Sinful Heir is one of the best books Michelle Heard has written. That’s it. Period. Nothing tops this book.
Sinful Heir is darker, it’s grittier, it’s hotter, it blurs so many lines, and all I want is more, more, MORE! I want all Tristan all the time. Just a 24/7 loop of Tristan. This man is everything. His love is so intense it borders on crazy, but crazy in all the best ways. It’s not just instalove that strikes when it comes to Hana, it’s something so much bigger and goes so much deeper.

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Tristan Hayes is a mystery. One I’m dying to solve.
There’s a dark side to him few know about.
As much as it scares me, it draws me in like a moth to a flame.

Where he’s ruthless in the business world, he’s gentle when it comes to me.

His touch makes me burn for more. His kisses drug me until there’s only him.

Because I belong to him, I’ve become a target.
Held captive, my memories of Tristan are what keeps me sane.

Tristan, Tristan, Tristan,
What did he do?
Sowing destruction and anger,
He might be Hana’s doom.
He met with a man,
Who could help him save his love;
But then Tristan became the monster,
That was buried deep inside his heart.

About the Author:
Michelle Heard is a Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling Author who loves creating stories her readers can get lost in. She resides in South Africa with her son where she’s always planning her next book to write, and trip to take.

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