Excerpt Reveal: This Hurt by Jenna Scott

THIS HURT (This Boy Trilogy #2) by Jenna Scott
Release Date: January 19th

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Camilla didn’t know anything could feel like This Hurt…

Camilla thought she’d left her past behind. Leaving public school for the elite halls she walks now should have been her fresh start. Her chance to be the girl she wants to be, not the girl other people think she is—most of all, to be the girl for Hunter Beck.

But she can’t seem to outrun the rumors that chase her, and she’s starting to lose hope she ever will.

The year is quickly drawing to a close. The future she’s been working towards seems farther away than ever before. Hunter and his father wield the power, she’s always known that. Her mother never misses an opportunity to remind her, either. Fighting for what she wants while staying true to her heart seems impossible.

As her past and her future rush toward a collision, Camilla is no longer sure what her heart wants.

Should she leave everything behind and live the life she’s been dreaming of for years?

Or should she throw it all away for the love of a boy she shouldn’t trust—Hunter Beck?


The scent of him. The taste of him. The feel of him. It’s like coming home, and I can’t help but sink in. I can’t help but want more.

It’s almost violent, the way we go at each other. I tug at his tie, at the buttons of his black shirt, letting out little gasps every time Hunter pulls away to bite and kiss my neck. Meanwhile, all he has to do to expose me is slide the straps off my shoulders and pull the dress down to uncover my bare breasts.

“You’re beautiful,” Hunter murmurs…

About the Author:
After growing up in the midwest, Jenna Scott moved to Los Angeles for the endless summer. As an introvert in the city, she loves to people-watch in coffee shops, writing down the stories she makes up about the other patrons. Besides her fiction habit, Jenna also enjoys photography and her collection of houseplants.

Connect w/Jenna:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jenna-Scott-103874804845334
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/20824729.Jenna_Scott

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