New Release + Review: The Bargain by R.G. Angel

Title: The Bargain
Author: R.G. Angel
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: November 15, 2020
A mistaken identity romance. 

When a hard knock raps on her door, Amber Collins doesn’t want to answer it. 
She knows it’ll be a battle she won’t be able to win.
At twenty-one years old, she’s struggling to make ends meet, but she would endure anything for her six month old nephew whose big green eyes bring a smile to her face on the worst of days. 
And today is the worst of them all. 
As the knock turns into a deafening bang, she steels herself to confront the rich, powerful, and chillingly handsome Dean Beaumont. The baby’s uncle who most certainly has come to take him away from her. Deceiving him was the only way. 
Now, she’s being taken to his country estate for six months to prove she’s a fit mother. As time goes by, Amber finds herself with another fight on her hands, the need to safeguard her heart from the ruthless but charismatic Beaumont. The closer she gets to him, the more she wants him to know the real her. Not the drug addict hooker her sister was. But if she tells him the truth, she will lose the baby and him forever…

R.G. Angel delivers a knock-out romance with THE BARGAIN. I was completely in love with this story! Forbidden romance, mistaken identity, enemies-to-lovers, age-gap romance, and a cute baby? Um, yes please! I absolutely loved the storyline and the passion between Dean and Amber. Dean is ruthless and cunning, while Amber is sweet as can be. They shouldn’t work, but they do and they have plenty of passion to prove it. I loved this book and R.G. Angel’s writing. I love finding new to me authors and I can’t wait to read more from this one. 5 stars.

$2.99 for a limited time!
Free in Kindle Unlimited
R.G Angel is a trained lawyer, world traveler, coffee addict, cheese aficionado, avid book reviewer and blogger.

She considers herself as an ‘Eclectic romantic’ and wants to write romance in every sub-genre she can think of.
When she is not busy doing all her lawyerly mayhem, and because she is living in rainy Britain, she mostly enjoys indoor activities such as reading, watching TV, playing with her crazy puppies and writing stories she hopes will make you dream.

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