New Release + Review: Nicole Dykes

Release Date: November 12

I’m an addict.
I’ve been abused, and I’ve been the abuser.
My entire life has been a blur, filled with misery and anguish.
I’m trying my best to stay clean and lucid even when my world feels dark.
Now, I have to stay away from the woman who makes everything murky and complicated.

I’ve always been a toy for others to use.
A spoiled, broken girl who’s never been seen because no one ever tried.
He sees me though. Holding up a mirror and showing me exactly who I am with absolute clarity.
Is that a good thing?
I’m not sure.

NOTE: This book contains sensitive subjects that may be upsetting to some readers.

Once again Nicole Dykes has taken my heart and put it through the wringer! Rhys and Blair’s story was right on par with her past angsty romances full of broken characters and redemption, but this one just hit deeper. The characters crept into my heart and made a home there. I loved every heart-achingly beautiful word of this story.
Rhys and Blair seemed like they’re both such hardened characters, but both mask the pain of their childhoods. Blair is at her core just a girl trying to make herself be noticed and loved. Rhys is a man who is marked by the abuse he suffered as a child. Together they learn that their broken pieces are enough and make a whole when pieced together.

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Meet Nicole Dykes
Nicole Dykes is a wife and professional assistant/mom to two gorgeous girls. 

Currently residing in Kansas, she’s a lover of coffee, Kansas City Chiefs, and all things romance. 
She currently has over 20 published books with her Monroe and Adamson series being the most popular. 
She enjoys cranking up the angst level, making her readers cry, and turning those tears into the coffee the fuels her writing.

Connect with Nicole Dykes

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