New Release + Review: Take A Number by Amy Daws

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When Norah needs a date for her parentโ€™s anniversary party and Dean needs a date for his best friendโ€™s wedding, the two agree to something that can help them both out of a bind: Fake Dating.
The only problem? Highly flammable chemistry.

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Author: Amy Daws

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Date: October 15, 2020

Cover Designer: Amy Daws

Cover Photographer: Wander Aguiar

Cover Model: Philippe Belanger

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Fake dating the cute owner of a bakery Dean is an investor in sounds kind of messyโ€ฆbut messy can be fun.

Norah Donahue wants bakeries not babies, but her matchmaking mother wonโ€™t stop trying to play Cupid.

Dean Moser is a cocky stock market savant whose friends are all settling down, leaving Boulderโ€™s infamous ladiesโ€™ man all alone.

When Norah needs a fake date for her parentsโ€™ anniversary party, her new silent investor is the perfect guy for the job. It seems like a foolproof planโ€ฆ

That is until Norah decides to break her biggest rule and lock lips with Dean in the middle of the party to spite her meddling mother.

Turns out that Dean and Norahโ€™s chemistry is sizzling hot, and mixing business with pleasure could turn out to be a recipe for disaster.

Or maybe they can have their cake and eat it too

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I am a HUGE FAN of Amy Daws’ meet-cute romcoms and have been desperately waiting for Dean’s story. I was not disappointed. I absolutely LOVED Dean and Norah’s romance and this is probably my favorite in the series. Which is saying a lot because I was head over heels for One Moment Please.

I loved Dean in this book a thousand times more than I did before! There were still plenty of moments when I wanted to slap my hand over his mouth and stop him from sabotaging himself, but I really got to know him in this book and ultimately, I just wanted to hug him and make him understand that love doesn’t always mean hurting the one you love. Norah on the other hand was amazing. I loved, loved, loved her! She’s awkward and funny and driven and just the best! I loved these two dorks individually and especially together. Their connection was perfect, organic, and felt so real. This book was just what I needed to cure some of the 2020 blues! Must read! -Ari

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Interior of a gray brick loft cafe, blank wall โ€œThis is a disaster,โ€ I groan and turn to prop my elbows on the bar. โ€œCan I get another champagne, please?โ€ Dean sidles up next to me as the bartender fills my glass. โ€œWhatโ€™s up, sugar? I think your dad likes me.โ€ I pin him with a warning look. โ€œIf you add tits to the end of that sugar, your balls must have a death wish.โ€ โ€œWhy so cheery?โ€ Dean asks, hunching over the bar to sip his brown liquor out of a rocks glass. โ€œDid your mother give you a puppy again? That Elaine.โ€ โ€œMy mother invited Nathaniel here tonight,โ€ I state flatly. โ€œThe perfect teeth guy?โ€ โ€œYes.โ€ โ€œSo, whatโ€™s the big deal?โ€ I pin him with an accusing look. โ€œShe gave him the impression I was here for him. Like I was some lonely sack who couldnโ€™t get a date even if I wanted to. Jesus, this is embarrassing.โ€ โ€œRelax.โ€ Dean turns to face the party and rests his elbows behind him like he doesnโ€™t have a care in the world. โ€œWeโ€™ll just have to break some of your rules.โ€ โ€œWhat do you mean?โ€ I grab a nut from the bowl on the bar and chew on it nervously. โ€œWell, if you want this guy to steer clear, then a little PDA might be in order.โ€ โ€œWhat kind of PDA?โ€ If he says kissing, Iโ€™ll spontaneously combust. Dean seems to read my mind and rolls his eyes. โ€œRelax, sugar cake, I mean a littleโ€ฆaffection. Maybe we dance. Maybe I put my arms around your waist or play with your hair a little. Or maybe we get practically pornographic, and I waffle your fingers.โ€ He laughs casually. โ€œSomething to show your mother this Nate guy doesnโ€™t have a chance.โ€ I nod thoughtfully as I process what Deanโ€™s just said. He mentioned touching me so casually like itโ€™s no big deal. I suppose it isnโ€™t since he seems to flirt with anything that walks. But Iโ€™ve been out of the game for a while now, and I can count on one hand the number of people Iโ€™ve been affectionate with, and even those were years ago. Is this really something I can pull off?
Page 15 of 16โ€œNorah, drink the rest of that champagne. Itโ€™s going to be fine.โ€ I close my eyes, letting his words sink in while feeling anything but fine. โ€œOkay, just promise you wonโ€™t try to kiss me. Iโ€™m barely holding it together as it is, and if I have to worry about you breaking the ultimate rule, I wonโ€™t survive this night.โ€ I tip the rest of the champagne into my mouth. โ€œRelax, I wonโ€™t tongue thrust you in front of all your parentsโ€™ friends. Iโ€™m a mountain manwhore, but I draw the line at lip raping.โ€

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Interior of a gray brick loft cafe, blank wallAmy Daws Head Shot-sizedown Amy Daws is an Amazon Top 13 bestselling author of sexy, contemporary romance novels. She enjoys writing love stories that take place in America, as well as across the pond in England. When Amy is not writing in a tire shop waiting room, she’s watching Gilmore Girls, or singing karaoke in the living room with her daughter while Daddy smiles awkwardly from a distance. For more of Amy’s work, visit:

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