Release Blitz + Review: Wraith by Franca Storm

Title: Wraith
Series: Iron Kings MC #1
Author: Franca Storm
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: October 7, 2020
I’m a ghost, living off the grid, never getting involved.
Until the President of the Iron Kings MC comes calling.
My oldest friend. My brother-in-arms.
I’m pulled back in to protect his daughter.
But the mission quickly turns personal.
She tempts me, drawing me too close.
I need to stay away.
I’m a dangerous monster.
I’ll ruin her.
But I’m drawn further into the world of the Iron Kings MC.
The promise of brotherhood and a fresh start seems too good to pass up.
She can’t stay away and neither can I.
Her light cuts through my dark.
She’s everything I didn’t know I’d been looking for.
But, can a damaged bastard like me really find peace?

Heather 3

3.75 stars. This book took me a little bit to get into. Once I did the story flowed well and quickly.
Finn is a ghost he doesn’t exist….. He is a dark man with a very dangerous past, but when one of his oldest friends calls on him for help he steps up. Ashley is a sassy woman who has distanced herself from her dad and his club. When Finn shows up unexpectedly she knows the reason can not be good. These two have danced around the feelings that started a few years prior. When they are thrust together again because of a threat their emotions burn bright. Follow along as Finn discovers just how much light Ashley brings into his life. 
Free in Kindle Unlimited
I’d wanted to devour every inch of her, lay her down, spread her open to me and fuck her with my tongue until she was coming apart around me. 
Just the thought of sinking inside her, her walls squeezing my cock so fucking tight while those sweet moans she’d made last night sounded in my ears, almost had me coming down the shower drain. But I couldn’t. I wouldn’t.
I’d told her she was safe here. My home was her sanctuary.
It was even more than just her father’s orders to protect her.
She had an uncanny ability of awakening some sort of white knight complex in me.
I was more like the villain who would sully everything good in her if I allowed her to get any closer to me, either physically or emotionally.
The most confounding thing about all of it was that she wasn’t even my usual type.
She was so innocent. So soft. Her kindness and her determination to help me and try to ease my pain was something I wasn’t used to. No one showed concern for me. Not that I wanted anyone to. I couldn’t afford to be that openly intimate with anyone. It was just that I had no idea how to handle it. People didn’t give a fuck about me. Hell, most didn’t really consider me human. More like a stone-cold robot, or the devil, himself, above it all.
I could only hope that last night had put her off pushing it any further. The last thing she needed was to get mixed up with the likes of me.
I was a dangerous man.
A twisted man.
It was who I’d always be.
That much had been made clear to me after what I’d dealt out yesterday to those enforcers.
Some things couldn’t be taken back.
Especially the things I’d done, the atrocities I’d committed.
Once that depth of darkness crept into your soul, no amount of redeeming light could get it out.
I was a lost cause.
Releasing November 18
Releasing January 13
Releasing March 10

Succumb to a Bad Boy.

Franca writes stories about bad-boy alpha males and the tough women who turn their worlds upside down.

She is best known for her motorcycle romance series, BLACK THORNS.

When she’s not writing, Franca enjoys watching action movies and binging on great TV series. Spending time with her lovable lab, hiking, and listening to hard rock, are her passions.


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