New Release + Review: Brick by S. Nelson

Brick, the epic conclusion to the Knights Corruption Next Gen series, is finally LIVE!

One Click today and let Brick heat up your eReader!

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Two traits I prided myself on. I’d take a bullet for any single one of my Knights Corruption brothers. In fact, I had—two to be exact.  
I believed in codes, following them without question. But everything shifted the first time I saw her, a gorgeous and classy redhead who was out of my league.
She also happened to be the daughter of a fellow member, therefore completely off-limits.
He warned me to keep my distance, but I couldn’t stay away.
When the war with the Savage Reapers escalated, I assumed the role of her protector.
I remained glued to her side whenever possible.
I made her promise not to go anywhere without my protection.
But she broke that promise.
And the consequences ripped my world apart.
Would I be able to hold it together long enough to help finally put an end to the war between our clubs once and for all?
Or would I crumble under the weight of my own devastation?

Ok so I started this book while on vacation at the happiest place on Earth. I had to wait until my vacation was over before I picked it back up. Why you ask? Well let me tell you why.. The emotional roller coaster ride my heart went on while reading this. This book is my favorite in the second gen. series. S. Nelson does an amazing job cleaning up the whole storyline and answering any questions you may have. The other thing she does is write one hell of an emotional story.
I was rooting for Brick and Zoe from the very first time they met. The two of them together is something magical. They are both real with real issues, and real insecurities. Their road is a long one filled with many twists and turns. My heart broke for the both of them, and my heart swooned when they both got what they both wanted.
Please note that there are some things that are written within these pages that may be a trigger for some, but please know the author did it with class. The writing is amazing and I highly recommend this entire series to everyone starting with the very 1st book in the series Marek.

Brick, the epic conclusion to the Knights Corruption Next Gen series, is finally LIVE!

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