Cover Reveal: The Vengeful Queen by B.L. Mute

Title: The Vengeful Queen

Series: The Hale Mafia, Book Two

Author: B.L. Mute

Release Date: October 09, 2020

Buy Link:⁣⁣



“Happily ever afters don’t exist in our world.”

Time stopped when Teddy died. I couldn’t breath. Couldn’t think. Couldn’t function.
Until Lucas.
He became an unlikely ally who helped me navigate through my fog of pain. I never intended for it to become more, but one night everything between us crashed to the surface. Now, Teddy is back and I’m trapped in a triangle with two of the deadliest men I know. How can I uncover my father’s murderer when I’ve ignited a rivalry that could blow my world apart?
Four weeks. I left her for four weeks. I knew faking my death was a bad idea, but I had a plan. My men would guard her, guide her, and protect her. Not once did I think one would betray me and bed her. Lucas was once my brother in arms, now he is competition… and I don’t like losing.
I will see to it that Charlie get the answers she craves, and show her I don’t play games with what is mine. Blood will be spilled before I allow Lucas to take her from me.

Author Bio

BL lives in north Texas with her husband and three children. She enjoys writing different sub genres of romance, and building flawed and broken characters. You can most likely find her mommy-ing, watching her husband cook (because she is a horrible chef), getting tattoos, or walking into the pole you’ve told her to watch out for. She loves interacting with her readers and other authors in the community. Friends and family classify her as fierce, loyal and ditsy at times.
You can find/follow BL at all of these places:

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