Series Re-Release: Broken Mercenaries by S. Massery




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Each book is a stand-alone
Blood Sky 1:
Angel of Death 2:
Morning Star 3:



Blood Sky Blurb:
Jackson Skye is a means to an end.
A way to escape the people hunting me.

But he surprises me at every turn.
Fights ruthlessly to protect me, even if I don’t deserve it.

The stand-up citizen I thought he was slips away,
Leaving a dangerous man in his place.

A former mercenary and a mafia princess.
Oh, what a fitting pair we make.

Darkness holds both of us, but I lean into it.
Jackson wants nothing more than to be good.

Unfortunately for him, good won’t save us.
And the people who want me dead will learn why he’s called Blood Sky.

This steamy dark mafia romance is a standalone in the Broken Mercenaries series.



Angel of Death Blurb:
I’ve always had a guardian angel.
As kids, Griffin scared away my bullies and nightmares.

He protected me. Cherished me.
And when he left, he broke my heart.

A lot can change in five years.
Him. Me. Our secrets.

When he returns, it’s like a dream.
But it quickly dissolves into a nightmare.

People are after him—and by proxy, me.
Turns out, hurting me is the easiest way to get to Griffin.

But now we’re in too deep, and I can’t warn him—
The one who will end up hurting him the most…
Is me.

This steamy, dark friends-to-lovers romance is a standalone in the Broken Mercenaries series.



Morning Star Blurb:

Our sins are written in blood, and only blood can atone for what we’ve done.

Retribution comes in unexpected forms. Mine has amber eyes. Golden hair. A smile that could kill. She was mine the minute I dragged her down to hell, and now we’re both paying the price.

I tried to save her… and failed.


Rumors call him the Morning Star. My father only called him the devil.

The man who saved my life in one second and destroyed it in the next has returned for me. He says he’s not leaving until I’m his. The issue is, he’ll have to break past my grudge–and a pretty big gun–if he wants me.

I took a shot at the devil… and missed.

This action-packed enemies-to-lovers romantic suspense is the third installment in the Broken Mercenaries series.




About the Author:
S. Massery, AKA Sara, is a dark romance author from Massachusetts. She enjoys twisting, suspenseful tales with dark anti-heroes and sassy heroines.

Her journey started when she was a little girl, dreaming of stories and frantically trying to capture her dreams on paper. She completed her first novel, Something Special, in 2018, and she has been unstoppable ever since.

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