New Release + Triple Review: Learning Curves by Molly O’Hare

Release Date: June 8
Learning Curves is a single dad, enemies to lovers, curvy girl rom-com with a teacher that everyone wished they had in school, and a swoon-worthy dad that would do anything for his daughter. Throw in an over-eating dog and watch what happens next.


To Spencer Hurley, women only left pain and destruction in their wake. The only good thing that came from his disaster of an ex was his daughter, Annabelle. Right now, making sure Belle was taken care of and getting her the help she needed with her learning disabilities was his only focus. And if that meant moving to a new town, consider the moving truck rented and packed.



Ellie Ryan spent her childhood being judged and bullied because of her learning disabilities. Jokes on them, though, she was now the top special education teacher in her district. See, Ellie totally had her life together. Kind of. Maybe… Okay, really, she’s a word-vomiting, curvy, hot-mess, who hasn’t had a date in who knows how long. And then there was Roxy, her rude over-eating dog. Nevertheless, Ellie was fiercely protective of her students. She’d gladly rip out the throat of anyone that dared to mess with her kids. Including their parents. 





So, please explain to Ellie why, even after calling her new student’s father out during a disastrous parent-teacher meeting, Ellie couldn’t help being insanely attracted to the gruff single dad? Somebody, please help her. Besides, nothing good could come from it… right?
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FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Britt!

Let me start by saying this, every one of Molly O’Hare’s books has brought me endless amounts of joy. But none of them, not even Ben and Holly, have hit me with so much love, happiness, laughter and emotion the way Learning Curves did. This book is like a double whammy for me. First of all it’s everything about Molly’s writing that I adore. Hilarity and sarcasm that results is great bouts of belly laughter, romance so sweet it will make your teeth hurt, the perfect amount of steam to have you fanning yourself, and love…tons and tons of love.
Then there’s Spencer’s daughter and touching on learning disabilities. Molly perfectly captures the emotion of both a child going through this and a parent raising a child with a learning disability. Having a child with very similar disabilities this book hit home in so many ways for me. I cried not only from feeling the pain they’d experienced from others but also because it was so wonderful to see all those thoughts and feelings I’ve experienced first hand so beautiful shown and feel the genuine love that Molly put into this book in that regard. I wish there was an Ellie out there for every child.


FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Julia!

Talk about side splitting laugh out loud comedy! Molly O’Hare delivers perfectly timed comedic gold! I can’t get enough of Learning Curves! I need more already and I just finished. Not only do we get to meet Ellie, Spencer, and Belle, we also get to see some old faces that we adore.

Ellie had me rolling in laughter. Her word vomit and witty comebacks were timed perfectly. One thing I absolutely loved about her was her ability to work through the hate she had spouted at her all her life. She’s strong and determined and refuses to let anyone keep her down. Spencer is such a devoted dad. I loved seeing his relationship with his daughter Belle, as well as his budding relationship with Ellie. After fighting with himself for like a minute he refuses to back down from what he wants, Ellie. Now for the star of the book, Belle. This little girl has a heart bigger than Texas and a mouth on her that would make an sarcastic parent proud. Belle’s drive and push to learn even with her learning disabilities was beautiful to see. She really was the star of Learning Curves.

Learning Curves has it all! Romance, witty banter, hilarious characters, and one little girl who shines off the pages. I think this is Molly O’Hare’s best book yet!


FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Heather!

Everytime I pick up a Molly O’Hare book I just know I am going to absolutely love it!! In Learning Curves we meet Ellie Ryan she is as sassy witty teacher who may or may not have an issue with spewing just about everything that runs through her mind. I absolutely love her and her quick wit. She is sweet, caring, and yes as the blurb states the kind of teacher everyone wishes they had while in school. She stands up for students, and refuses to let anyone bully those who are different than others. Spencer is a single dad to the adorable Annabelle. They have had a few struggles with they way Belle has been treated by teachers and her peers. Making the only decision he could to provide a better life for his daughter he moves them to a place where she can get the education and help she needs.
Belle is an absolute joy. Yes she may have issues with those who have treated her differently, but she has not let it cloud her. Her disposition is sweet and innocent, and her quick comebacks had me giggling. For a 9 year old she definitely knows how to keep her dad on his toes. I loved following these characters as they find each other.
As in any other Molly O’Hare book I have read you get those laugh out loud moments. There are a few different parts in this book that I had to re-read just because they made me laugh. I love her sweet and sassy heroines along with the uber sweet alpha males. The secondary characters help this story flow so well. I will say you will fall in love with Ellie’s students, and lets not forget her BFF Sally!

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