New Release + Review: Savage Heat by K.L. Ramsey

Series: Royal Bastards MC Huntsville Chapter 
Author: KL Ramsey
Cover Designer: Jay Aheer
Cover Model: Alfie Gordillo
Photographer: Randy Perillo

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As president of my MC, I’ve always had to hide a part of who I am. I was fine with that until he walked into my life. Now, I can’t shove that half of myself into the dark anymore. My club won’t understand and the woman I want definitely won’t get it, but what choice do I have? I want them both and I’m done with not taking what I want.
Yeah, I’m savage enough to screw the rules to get what I want and I want them.
Both of them—and I won’t settle for less.
You can’t control who you love but sometimes, it’s savage enough to make its own heat.

Heather’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩 review:

This book has a little bit of everything in it. We get action, suspense, and one hell of a MMF read.
Not only do we get 1 hot AF alpha male we get 2!!! That’s right 2!! Savage our MC pres has always felt like he was only living half a life. Sure he has his adorable little girl, but he knows there is something missing. Bowie has had his eye on the hot guy on base for the last few weeks so when he offers to take him to go grab some beers who is he to say no. This is where the story gets interesting. We get introduced to our sassy little heroine who Savage has a past with. Now I am not going to go into all the details, because trust me you do not want me to ruin it for you. Of course there is some other drama that we get to experience with the club. Follow along as these 3 take their journey to finding their HEA.

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