New Release + Review: Letting Go by Kiki Malone

Release Date: March 31

Angela Reaper’s life changed dramatically when she was just seventeen years old.

After finally accepting and learning how to live her life anew, tragedy strikes and flips her world on its axis once again.

She realizes it’s time to move on and move forward and learn things she never thought she’d need to on her own.

Letting go of the past is the only way she can make that happen.

Mikael Rufus never imagined being a family man.  He was perfectly content leaving that responsibility to his best friend.  But when a beautiful broken woman showed up in his life, his heart started beating a different tune.  He made a vow to himself to stay away and do the right thing.

One day was all it took, and his world was changed forever.  

Letting go of where he believed his path was destined to lead.

When a new threat hits Angela’s doorstep, will Mikael be able to keep things professional and keep her and her son safe?

Is letting go of the past all it will take for Mikael and Angela to finally be happy and free?

Ari’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

I really enjoyed Letting Go by Kiki Malone. It was my first book by the author and what I learned very quickly was that the story is written with so much emotion and feeling and it was something I really enjoyed since this girl loves to be all up in her feels.

Angela and Mikael’s story was one to put me through a whole spectrum of emotions and also what kept me wanting to read. There were also twists and turns that had my heart racing and made me not want to set the book down. I really enjoyed the story’s nd writing and look forward to more from this author. 4 stars.

Grab Your Copy Here:

Meet KiKi Malone
KiKi Malone has dreamed of writing for many years. Through many challenges, she’s finally decided to put everything aside and make her dreams a reality. She’s been an active part of the reading community for years and finally had the courage to bring her own stories to life.

With the help and support of her family and friends, she strives to bring you the best of herself and her fictional worlds.

When KiKi isn’t dreaming and writing, she’s working her day job scrambling numbers together, creating elaborate spreadsheets and reports.

She loves reading, relaxing, her cats, and the winter. There’s nothing better in her world that cuddling up in the corner of the couch with a hot cup of coffee, her blanket, her cats, and a good book.

KiKi likes to mix it up, writing both romance and drama. Sometimes she’ll mix it all up together and sometimes, she’ll just give you one or the other.

Some of KiKi’s works are written from vivid dreams of things that never happened, yet others have some real life mixed in to bring some reality to her stories.

KiKi is a mother and it’s been the best and most rewarding job title she’s ever held.

KiKi’s first book, Holding On, brought something out of her she could only dream of. And that was to finally finish something she started.

Connect with KiKi Malone

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