New Release + Review: What Happens After This by Suze Robinson



A chance encounter with a hunky dad threatens to tear down every wall she built.

The Pacific Northwest is the best place for me to hide from my past. I’m content holding up pretenses with my heart buried deeply in darkness.

When I meet Parker Maxwell, a flirty lawyer and single dad, the new life I’ve built is tested. With his witty charm and gorgeous eyes, he steals my attention when he makes me laugh again.

But I walk away.

Fate has a different plan when he turns out to be the best man in my friend’s wedding. I can’t escape him, and he’s determined to plant himself in my life. 

There’s an undeniable connection, a growing friendship, and I can’t resist his kisses any longer. 

But when the secrets and mistakes from my past return, the ones I ran away from, will they be too much for Parker to take?



Julia’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

What Happens After This is a beautiful and heartfelt story of love after loss.

I felt so much for Aria. She has lost so much, but she is still surviving. When she meets Parker, she starts living again. Aria is blunt but truly an amazing woman. Parker is a huge sweetheart with a heart of gold. Parker’s nephew will steal your heart as well. Ashton is the sweetest teenager alive.

Aria and Parker have a lot to overcome. Their story is heartbreaking and beautiful. You’ll cry, laugh and swoon. What Happens After This is a beautiful friends to lovers romance that will pull on all your heartstrings!



“I haven’t stopped thinking about you.” His voice drops and there’s a needy edge to it. I dream about the way his voice sounds.

He takes one more step and slides his fingers up my forearm and along my bicep. There’s a burn branded on my skin from where the tips of his fingers glide along my flesh. My breathing is loud, more erratic, and butterflies erupt in my stomach. The look he gives asks if it’s okay to continue. When I issue no complaints and my body’s physical response to his touch is obvious, he keeps going. Parker’s hand moves to brush my shoulder and my head tips back. I give him permission to touch me. Exposing my neck to his gentle caress will be a mistake in the long run, but I don’t care at this moment. Warmth spreads through me, starting in my chest. 

My body tingles and my arm burns. I’ve never felt so alive in my entire life.

The path continues as he traces my collarbone. My eyes flutter closed so I can absorb the sensation his touch pulls from me. I’m starving and hungry for his touch. I open my eyes and look at him. The light from the kitchen and the moonlight from the living-room window pour across his face, highlighting his angular features and blue eyes.

Parker seems intent to finish whatever journey his fingertips are taking. They slide up the column of my neck and then brush my jaw. I swallow hard, and my mouth opens to take a deep inhale. He moves his fingers to caress my lips. 

Parker’s gaze is focused, and his touch is gentle. He hasn’t once looked away from my eyes so he knows what his touch does to me. I’m a greedy open book for him to read.

“Parker,” I whisper, the needy edge slipping into my voice. His look darkens at the sound of his name rolling off my lips in such a ravenous way. I’m not sure what I’m asking him for, or what I’m trying to express. Keep going, don’t stop, touch me—honestly, I have no idea. It’s been so long.


About The Author:

Suze Robinson, Contemporary Romance author, debuts her second novel—What Happens After This—a sweet slow burn with lovable and powerful women, hot drool-worthy book boyfriends, and the right amount of steamy romance that leaves you wanting more!

She lives in the Midwest with her husband and daughter. You can find her at or on social media.

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