Re-Release + Review: Theirs To Treasure by Caitlyn O’Leary

Title: Theirs to Treasure
Series: Fate Harbor #1
Author: Caitlyn O’Leary
Genre: Ménage Romance
Re-release Date: January 31, 2020


Fate Harbor Love Comes In Threes

Curvy girl, Josie Decker is determined to make a new life for herself.
She’s putting the past behind her, she knows who she is and is satisfied with
the life she has carved out for herself. Little does she know what fate would
have in store for her when she ends up crossing paths with a childhood friend
who has made his billions in corporate America.

Chance Reynolds remembers the days when Josie was the only
thing that made his foster home feel safe. He knows she has physical and
emotional scars, and a belief that she is unworthy of love. But this time, in
this place and in his arms, he intends to be the soul-healing sanctuary this
beautiful woman needs.
Can He Move Past The Pain & Open His Heart?


Sam Booth is an Afghan War Vet who suffered wounds from fighting for his
country and carries even deeper battle scars from his childhood. He never
thought he could find someone who could love him, all of him, that is.

When he meets the lush woman of his dreams, he is astounded
to find that Josie is the woman that his best friend, Chance Reynolds, believes
they could share in a triad relationship. But is he really worthy of the love
that is being offered?
Is A Love Like Theirs Too Good To Be True?

This was previously published in 2014 as Trusting Chance. It has been
re-edited and 15,000 new words have been added to the story.



Julia’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

Be still my heart! Theirs To Treasure is a seriously swoony and sweet read! Josie, Chance, and Sam have a stunning relationship from the start. These three are so perfect for each other it hurts my heart. The love, understanding, compromise, and healing that these three show was absolutely breathtaking.

Josie has had a hard life, but damn it didn’t bring her down. She’s strong even through her insecurities. Chance is so sweet! He knows what he wants, goes after it with a single minded ferocity. Yet he keeps everyone’s feelings first in the forefront of his mind. Sam, oh Sam my favorite. He’s just as sweet but he’s also had a hard life. While he appears calm and collected on the outside, he’s just as damaged as Josie on the inside.

Theirs To Treasure is a captivating read that will not only pull at your heart strings but make you fall head over heels in love!

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Josie couldn’t stop her response. His words had unlocked
something deep within her. She couldn’t remember a time when she could
literally lean into someone, and she reveled in it. Her arms lifted to
encompass his broad shoulders. God, he felt so hard, so good and strong. Trying
to get even closer, she lifted on her toes, and gasped in pain.
He must have felt it in their kiss, and correctly
interpreted it. Sam broke away and looked down at her. In one quick moment, he
lifted her in his arms and then she found herself settled in his lap on her
She looked up at him in wonder. “You’ll hurt yourself doing
that,” she admonished.
“Baby, you’re just a little thing,” Sam said.
Josie snorted in disbelief.
“Okay, you’re lush and curvy, just the way I love a woman. I
can’t stand women who are going to blow away at the first strong wind.”
She snorted.  He was
so full of it.
“I’m serious.
Compared to me you are a little thing and you’re the perfect
size, with the absolute perfect body. Do you understand me?”
It was difficult not to buy into what he was saying when the
evidence of his arousal pressed against her butt.  She made a tiny move against him and he
“You’re so hot and sexy, and you’re going to end up killing
me.”  His hands brushed up the sides of
her arms, her neck, then ended up cupping her flushed cheeks.  “Are you finally hearing me?”  He gave her a wicked smile.  “Are you at least feeling me?”
She laughed.
“Exactly,” he groaned.
“Your body turns me on, baby.”
Josie looked up at him and saw the absolute truth on his
face. She turned away and nuzzled his neck, not wanting him to see the sheen of
tears in her eyes. This man who made her blood sizzle was turning her
self-image upside down. A huge weight lifted from her heart.  He held her for long moments, then finally
started to whisper.
“I know we’re going to talk about our injuries, but can you
please tell me how such a beautiful woman could think she needed to hide in
clothes four times her size? How she could think that she wouldn’t have men falling
at her feet?” Josie couldn’t help giggling at the outrageous statement.
“I’m serious, baby. At least a quarter of your male
customers are coming into Sweet Dreams Desserts not just for the pastries but
to see the sights.”
Oh Lord, I could fall in love with this man.
Sam tilted her head so she was forced to look at him. “Let
me guess, it was some guy who convinced you that you, you were less than
She shook her head, then hid her face in his neck.  “Not just a guy.”
“Look at me, honey.  Tell
me,” he urged.
She looked up.
“Actually, it started way earlier than that. My mom was one of those
women who would blow away in the wind, and she was constantly harping on my
weight. So, it’s pretty much ingrained that I’m fat.”
“It sounds like she had some issues.”
Josie’s laugh sounded sad even to her ears.  “Issues.
Yeah.  You could call them that.”
“And the guy?” Sam prompted.
“It was a few years ago.
He seemed okay.  I thought he
liked me.  I really did, Sam.”  Josie struggled to keep her voice
steady.  “Anyway, when we finally got
ready to sleep together, I guess you could say he wasn’t all that impressed
with my body.”
She stopped talking.
Sam stroked his hand down her back.
She was acutely aware that he could feel the outline of her corset.  Therein laid the problem.  “Russell insisted the lights be turned
off.”  Josie stared at a point over Sam’s
shoulder so she didn’t have to see pity in his eyes.
“That guy is an idiot.
You’re gorgeous.”
“You don’t know,” she protested.
“You forget, I’ve seen you.
And I liked everything I saw.”
Once again, he turned her face, and she ended up looking up
at him, and what she saw was anger.
For just an instant, she was scared, and he must have seen
“No, Josie, I’m not angry at you.  I’m angry at your mother, and that
asshole.  Trust me when I say that I
completely understand a parent belittling you, boy do I get that, but what I can’t
wrap my head around is understanding the asshole’s issues. If I was lucky
enough to get a chance to make love to you, I would want all the lights on. I
wouldn’t want to miss a thing.”
A full body shudder ripped through her body.
Author Bio
Who am I? I’m the woman married to John, daughter of Pat and
Vicki, and sister to three brothers and one sister. I’ve been writing
professionally for six years, have written over thirty books and am a USA Today
Bestseller. But the truth? The absolute truth?
I’m just a book junkie. I love, love, love to read. I read
every Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys book, but Trixie Belden was my favorite. I read
the World Book Encyclopaedia set when I was in middle school and had pneumonia.
Books have been my escape and saviour on many occasions.
It’s my hope that my books can bring you happiness. That’s
it. Can you grin? Can you be uplifted? Can you be entertained? Will they make
you think about life a little bit differently? Then Yay! Be sure to keep in
touch, I actually answer my e-mails.
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