Audiobook Review: Blindsided by Amy Daws

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What happens when an almost thirty-year-old virgin agrees to let her Scottish footballer best friend give her some lessons in seduction?

Lots of banter, awkwardness, jealousy, and heat.

Midfielder Maclay “Mac” Logan is a loud-mouthed, tattooed ginger content with focusing on football. But when an adorably-freckled seamstress comes barreling into his life, he finds Netflix-And-Bickering with her to be his new favorite pastime.

Freya Cook is used to being the invisible woman with a needle and thread, offering cheeky punchlines as she helps dress London’s finest. She’s plus-sized in body and spirit, and other than her friendship with Mac, talking to the opposite sex is one skill she never mastered.

However, after one innocent game of Never Have I Ever, Mac offers to play Love Coach for Freya.

What neither of them see coming are the feelings that develop when the clothes come off.

Now they’re both about to learn the biggest lesson of all: Don’t fall in love with your best friend.


Never have I ever fallen head over heels in love with an Amy Daws novel.

There’s only two answers to that. The correct one is that you have each and every time you’ve listened to an Amy Daws novel and the other is only because you haven’t listened to BLINDSIDED yet!

Oh my god you guysssssss! This book is fantabulous! I read the book and it was a solid five stars. Mac and Freya were the cutest. Loved, loved, loved! But then I *listened* to this story come to life and it was like my audio whore soul went to church and saw the light! Yes, Amy-Jesus we thank thee! Not only is the book already a fantastic friends-to-lovers with tons of sizzle, chemistry, swoons, and giggles, but she went and brought back narrator dream team Will Watt and Charlotte Cole! (Y’all this was an expensive audiobook as I am still replacing windows in my neighborhood from all my uncontrollable squealing. Not even sorry!)

Seriously though Will Watt with a Scottish accent did things to me in all the right places. His comedic timing and acting chops just shine with his narration of Mac and gah, it was so good to hear him back again in Harris Brother’s world. Then we have Charlotte Cole as Freya. Could she get any cuter? Impossible! She stole the show bringing Freya’s adorable quirks and giggles to life. Truly what makes this audiobook shine is the camaraderie not only between characters, but also between narrators. Will and Charlotte’s narrating chemistry only serves to bring Mac and Freya’s own friendship (and more) effortlessly to life. 10 hours wasn’t enough of this story, these narrators, and Amy Daws’ Harris Brothers universe. 100% certified MUST LISTEN and CREDIT WORTHY!


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