New Release + Review: Neo by Erin Trejo


Neo Soulless Bastards MC Daytona by Erin Trejo is LIVE! #OneClick today!



I’m not settled. Something is off that I can’t pinpoint. My mom’s health is declining and I’m the worst son imaginable. Life has kicked me more times than I care to admit. Then I met her. She was a smart mouth that sparked my interest. I made it my mission to know more about her. Until she left me.


I was running from everything that happened to me. I wanted a new life. I thought I found it. Keeping my ex at bay was easy with enough money. He left me alone and that worked for me. Until he didn’t. I got myself mixed up with a man that I shouldn’t have. Neo was different and for a minute I thought I could fall for someone like him. Then I learned who he was. And everything changed.


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Heather’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

This is a quick and gritty read. Erin Trejo has the ability to write a story that will play with your heart, and have you rooting for all involved.
Leesa is a woman who has a questionable past. She has learned to not to depend on a man, because the last man she had a relationship with screwed her over. She has done what she needs to go keep her ex away. When Neo steps in and tries to help all hell kinda breaks loose. Neo is a jaded man who has demons of his own to deal with. The two of them together is combustible and explosive not to mention kinda hot. The question is what happens when two hard headed people come together to find their own happiness??









“Beers. For all of us,” he says, nodding toward the other guys.

I nod and start popping the tops off the beers and setting them on the bar one by one. Each one comes and grabs one but none of them make a move to walk away. I roll my eyes and go back to work like usual when something extremely strange happens. A ton of phones begin to beep all at once. Even with the deafening music blasting through the speakers I can hear them. People start pulling their phones out as I narrow my eyes in confusion when all of the sudden eyes start turning toward me. Men smirk, people nod and point. I’m confused but it doesn’t take long before I hear Neo howling orders. I’m still confused as to what’s happening when laughter and screams erupt through the club. It feels like everyone is looking at me. My cheeks begin to heat when Neo jumps over the bar. He grabs me around the waist and ushers me toward the end.

“What the hell are you doing? I’m working.”

“You’re done. Let’s go,” his voice harsh.

“Neo! Stop! I have work to do!” I cry but this time he doesn’t let me stop. He lifts me in his arms and carries me toward the back door. I kick and hit the best I can but he keeps walking even while I’m yelling.

“Stop hittin’ me!”

“Then put me the fuck down, you fool!”

“Stop callin’ me names, Leesa. I’m pissed off right now,” he growls. My mouth drops open not knowing how to respond to that load of shit.

“Get off me!” Just as I’m about to struggle some more, he drops me to my feet next to the clubhouse. I look up at him with confusion in my eyes. I don’t know what that was all about but when I raise my eyebrow and wait, he hesitates.

“Neo? What the hell was that all about?” I ask, this time needing to understand what’s happening.

“Where’s your phone?”


“Your phone, Leesa. Where is it?” I reach into my pocket and pull it out. Holding it in my hand I wait for an explanation. “See if you have a video on there.”

Still confused, I look down and slide my phone to life. There is a message from an anonymous number. I look up at Neo but he just nods toward the phone, a sick look in his eyes. Looking back down, I click the link. It only takes one second before I know what it is. Bending over, I throw up everything I ate before coming in to work. I heave until nothing else comes out. Neo rests his hand on my back before I stand and wipe my mouth with the back of my hand.

“Everyone got that?”



USA Today Best-Selling Author.

Erin is an author of all things Alpha. Her specialty is MC romance but loves to dip into dark romance too. She will weave you a story that will have you gasping for air as you try to figure out what’s going to happen next. All of Erin’s books will have some form of romance as well as suspense. With that being said you need to keep in mind that Erin’s saying is always true. Fairy Tales Don’t Always Have A Happy Ending. Do you think you’re ready to take the plunge into Erin’s world?





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