Blog Tour + Review: Bohemian Law by Misty Walker

Title: Bohemian Law
Series: Traveler Book 1
Author: Misty Walker
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date:
I saw her for the first time dancing by the fire.
With her arms high above her head, and her plump lips singing along,
I thought I’d never seen a woman more alive.
Completely opposite of me.
Repetition, consistency, and control have left my life without meaning.
But then there was Theodora.
Keeping me on my toes and forcing me to have new experiences.
The only problem with capturing a wild creature is
they were always meant to live free.
I saw him for the first time sitting on a rock, spying on me like a creeper.
With a perpetual scowl that didn’t even break when I took my clothes off,
I thought I’d never seen a man more serious.
Completely opposite of me.
In my world, chaos is a certainty and laws are bendable, if not breakable.
But then there was Lawrence.
The only problem with trying to shake up his world is
I don’t always know when to quit.
Ari’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩1/2 hat review:

A wild and vibrant Romani young woman. A straight-laced, no-nonsense CFO. Add a 10+ year age gap, tons of chemistry, sprinkles of laugh-out-loud moments, and you have a book the begs to be read.

Law and Thea are as opposite as they come. Law is CFO, lover of cleanliness, order, and creature of habit. Thea is street-smart, seeming carefree, wild, and lives and leaves chaos wherever she goes. But opposites indeed attract when these two worlds collide and holy guacamole is there an explosion of sparks! I just loved these two so much. From their uncomfortable interaction at the beginning to the intense sexual tension throughout, I enjoyed watching them dance around each other and finally come together. Also, we get a pretty good set up for another character’s story and I cannot wait! Seriously, I want it yesterday!

Author Misty Walker delivers a glimpse into an unknown world happening within our own with Bohemian Law. It’s two worlds colliding and the result is a story that’s sexy, fun, flirty and needs to be on your TBR! 4.5 stars.

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