New Release + Review: Charmed, I’m Sure by Christine Pope

Title: Charmed, I’m Sure
Author: Christine Pope
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Cover Designer: Lou Harper – Cover Affairs
Editor: Katherine Tomlinson, Story Authority
Publication Date: December 11th, 2019
Is their love the perfect Christmas gift…or a curse?
Allan D’Alessandro thought he had his ticket out of Hell secured. Until his alleged “soul mate” bailed, leaving him only three weeks — three weeks — to lose his heart and be loved in return. For real. Or for real he can kiss the Hollywood glamor, the hilltop house, the Tesla roadster goodbye. And say hello to his old job as Asmodeus, object of his fellow demons’ eternal derision.
But there’s that aquamarine-eyed wedding planner who pulled off Lucifer’s nuptials without a hitch. She’s all about romance, right? Wooing her should be a piece of cake. Wedding cake, if he plays his cards right.
Belinda Carson has had to get used to letting men walk out of her life. She has no choice — any man who falls in love with a Carson witch is guaranteed a gruesome fate. So she uses her magic to create perfect weddings…just not her own.
But surely there’s no harm in indulging in a harmless holiday fling with the sandy-haired Hollywood agent whose megawatt smile lights up her world. After New Year’s, they’ll go their separate ways. They’ve agreed. It’s all set.
Except he’s dismantled all her defenses. And this time, her heart isn’t letting go….
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Charmed, I’m Sure:
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Julia’s 🎩🎩🎩.5 hat review:

Charmed, I’m Sure is a very cute read. I love that these seemingly villainous demons/princes of Hell have a softer side. They want what everyone else wants. To be loved.

Belinda is smart, sexy, and has a great head on her shoulders. She works and has no time for a social life. Which she can’t really have anyway. She’s cursed in that department, literally. When she meets Allan, she is charmed. Allan just wants to love and be loved. He is willing to give up everything for that goal. With someone he once called a brother behind the scenes trying to sabotage him.

I did feel like it dragged on too much. A bit long winded in the beginning, which put me off the story for a bit. The characters are fun though and overall I thought is was a cute and quirky read!

USA Today bestseller Christine Pope is the author of the paranormal romance Witches of Cleopatra Hill series and the Djinn Wars series, among many other books (sixty and counting!). Researching UFOs brought her to magical Sedona, Arizona, where she now makes her home. Find out more about her books at
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Buy Links:
Sympathy for the Devil:
Charmed, I’m Sure:
A Wing and a Prayer (Pre-Order):


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