New Release + Review: Thank You, Chlamydia by K.A. Berg


Title: Thank You, Chlamydia
Author: K.A. Berg
Genre: Romantic Comedy

 Release Date: November 22, 2019



My life was
perfectly planned out. I did all the right things.  My eyes were always on
the prize.  Working hard in college landed me the job I always wanted with
security and great benefits. I dated a boy-next-door type with a solid future.
We got engaged and planned the perfect wedding. Being sensible and
responsible put me on the pathway to a picture perfect life.
Everything was going
off without a hitch.
And, then it all
went to this sh*t!
My dream life blew
up in my face like a bad firework on the 4th of July. 
Since walking the
straight-and-narrow was a gigantic waste of my time, I decided to walk on the
wild side for a change.  Man oh man, did I get more than I bargained for.
A night to remember…
And an STD.  
chlamydia changed my life.
Who would have
thought an STD would help me pick up the pieces of my shattered life?
Certainly not me.
So, thank you,



Julia’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

Thank you, Chlamydia starts off with a bang and doesn’t stop! I fell in love with Danielle quickly. This girl thought she had it all and then finds out on her wedding day, that she has nothing. Danielle is so quirky and sweet, but she has fire to her as well. Ryan is so sweet. He’s like the perfect man in bad boy clothes. He’s considerate, sexy, hot, and spontaneous. Everything that Danielle needs. These two have some absolutely amazing times and I loved watching their love grow.

Now while Ryan started off sweet, there came a point where he got stupid. He listened to naysayers and got pretty damn stupid. I’m not sure if I’d have forgiven him as quickly as Danielle did. Were they made for each other? Absolutely. Should she have made Ryan grovel a little bit? I think so 🤷‍♀️.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. The humor, sweetness, and overall love was beautiful to see.


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Author Bio
By day, Kimberly is a full-time student working on a dual
masters in English and Education. She is also mom of four beautiful, crazy
children who keep her in running a million different direction on a daily
basis. At night, she tries to get all steamy stories in her head down on paper
to share with all her wonderful readers. She’s a Jersey girl at heart and
that’s where she currently calls home with her husband and children.

When not writing or being a taxi driver for her kids, she can be found curled
up with a good book or watching her beloved New York Jets. Lover all things
romance, including a little M/M action as well as the dark and twisted. She
enjoys video chats with her best friends and always loves to hear from her fans
on social media.


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