New Release + Review: His Innocent Flower by Sadie Barron


His Innocent Flower by Sadie Barron is LIVE! #OneClick today!!



A not-so-delicate girl…

Tori doesn’t have time for love, not when she has to be at the flower market at four every morning. Her shop, Tori’s Blooms, is just scraping by, so being hired to style the flowers for the society wedding of the year could put her business on the map.

If she makes it out alive, that is. It’s not a Bridezilla that Tori has to worry about. It’s the bride’s demanding, perfectionistβ€”and drop-dead gorgeousβ€”father.

An all-too-demanding man…

CEO Gabriel gets exactly what he wants, or else. His little girl is getting married, and he’s taking a hands-on interest in everythingβ€”including the beautiful florist whose baby blues have his protective alpha side roaring to possess her.

Tori is the woman for Gabriel, today, tomorrow and forever, and he’ll be taking her pretty flower before anyone can say β€œI do.”

Author’s note: this is a short, steamy, over-the-top and safe insta-love romance that will have you sighing with happiness. No cheating, only a big flowery happy every after!


Ari’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩 review:

I really enjoyed this over-the-top, insta-love romance. Tori and Gabriel is ere such a great, steamy couple. She’s a struggling small business owner and he’s a wealthy older man who knows what he wants. Despite their large age gap what Gabriel wants is Tori and he’s determined to convince her of it. Satisfying, quick, and ultra sweet romance that I totally recommend.

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β€œUh…I’m Tori Carrow. I have a meeting with a Mr. Gabriel James?” I respond, suddenly feeling underdressed in the face of this woman’s poise. β€œI believe he works here?”

I’ve never been in a workplace as swanky as this. The lobby is huge and marbled, with high windows so that natural sunlight spills across the floor. Businessmen and women are bustling about with their heads in folders, wearing fitted suits and tailored clothes probably more expensive than my yearly rent. Their shoes tap loudly on the shiny floor.

β€œA Mr. Gabriel James?” echoes the receptionist with a faint smile. β€œYou mean the Mr. Gabriel James. Our CEO.”

β€œCEO?” I gasp, my hands on my portfolio growing sweaty. My nerves suddenly multiply.

The receptionist gestures behind her towards a waiting elevator.

β€œFifty-second floor,” she chirps, β€œI’ll phone Mr. James so he’s expecting you.”

β€œThanks,” I say with a strained smile before rushing to the elevator. Oh, I am way out of my depth here. Is Mr. James going to expect me to know all about who he is and what he does? I did zero research for this meeting. I’m not used to big, fancy clients. Was I meant to do any research?

I squeeze in between a pair of gentlemen wearing fine suits and tap the fifty-second button, which turns out to be the top floor of the skyscraper.

β€œKick some ass,” I mouth at my reflection in the shiny aluminum.

One of the men catches my eye, and I smile nervously at him.

When the elevator pings open, I push my shoulders back, suck in a deep breath, and stride out with confidence I don’t feel. I give the office door in front of me a light knock with my knuckles, and then open it.

β€œHello,” I say automatically as I enter, launching into my usual script. β€œI’m Tori Carrow, and I’m here to make your daughter’s wedding dreams come…true…” I trail off, my heart thudding against my ribs as my eyes lock with the man inside. Every single thought I had disappears faster than a candle being snuffed out.

A broad-shouldered man with slightly silvered dark hair is standing behind his desk. The sunlight hits the angles of his hard jaw and illuminates his penetrating eyes. Beneath his tailored suit, his body emanates power. So do his large hands, which are pressed against his desk like he’s just stood up. He must be at least twice my age. My body has no business reacting to a much older man who is stupidly handsome, rich and important, but a tingling has started in my toes and is rapidly flowing up my body as his hard eyes pin me to the wall like a butterfly.

Mr. James straightens, and one of his hands adjusts his perfectly knotted gray silk tie. I open my mouth to speak, but my throat locks up. He’s glaring at me like he’d like to throw me out the fifty-second floor window of his office.





Sadie is a corporate copywriter by day and a romance novel enthusiast by night. She believes in hot, safe and fun reads!







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