New Release + Review: Cathedral by Addison Cain



Title: Cathedral

A Cradle of Darkness Series Novel

Author: Addison Cain
Genre: Vampire Dark Romance

Release Date: November 18, 2019


“Addison Cain’s writing blows me away each time!” NYT
Bestselling author Anna Zaires
I sold my soul to win her.

First to her devil of a father, then to the true devil himself. The price
exacted nothing less than eternal fealty. A boon I’d gladly relinquish a
thousand times over to possess the love of my dark Princess.

Though she may hate me. Though my desire chars my bones black. I will love her

Virginal, devious, cruel, kind, she’s desperate for freedom. Used, wounded,
coddled, and spoiled—the only immortal who can walk in the sun—will be mine.

So long as I can remove her father from his ancient throne and place something
far worse upon that seat of power.

Publisher’s Note: Cathedral is a standalone novel in the Cradle of Darkness
series featuring in an HEA. The horror prequel, Catacombs, will enrich the
experience of this book but is not necessary. 



Heather’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

I was given the chance to read this book straight from the author. Addison thank you so much for this amazing opportunity, because I absolutely love it. I will say this book is not for everybody with the dark nature of the book. This author has the capability to write such a dark, twisted, and depraved book with so much savvy and skill you can’t help but love it. You will get pulled in from the very 1st page all the way to the very last.

Jade is our young heroine who happens to be a very young pure blood vampire. Her father is the king who treats her with so much disdain that he is not happy unless he is causing her pain and despair. She has lived years believing she is unworthy, because of all the mind games he has made her endure through the years. He uses her as a pawn and requires absolute obedience with everything he wants done. Enter Malcom our hero… He has loved Jade for as long as he can remember. He has always protected her in his own way. He knows exactly what her father has done and knows he will have his worked cut out for him. Malcom helps her find her way in their depraved and twisted world. I won’t explain anymore about Malcom, and just how awesome I think he is.

All in all I truly enjoyed this story. I enjoyed following Jade on her journey as she discovered that there is nothing wrong with her and she is perfect the way she is. I think if you enjoy a dark read you will too!!


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Author Bio

USA Today
Bestselling author and Amazon Top 25 bestselling author, Addison Cain is best
known for her dark romances, smoldering Omegaverse, and twisted alien worlds.
Her antiheroes are not always redeemable, her lead females stand fierce, and
nothing is ever as it seems.
Deep and
sometimes heart wrenching, her books are not for the faint of heart. But they
are just right for those who enjoy unapologetic bad boys, aggressive alphas,
and a hint of violence in a kiss.
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