New Release & Review: When She Remembers by Hope Jones

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Henley Vano has it all. She was raised by a supportive family, has the best friend a girl could ask for, and a fantastic husband.
Everything in her life was perfect, until she was involved in a hit and run, and woke up thinking it was 2014.
Graham Vano’s life changed the night his wife left to get pie for their anniversary and didn’t come home. His world flipped when she wakes from a coma and doesn’t remember him.
Will Henley regain the last five years of her memory, or will someone with a vendetta take everything away from her before she can?

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FIVE 🎩 🎩 🎩 🎩 🎩 hats from Britt!

Hold onto your *ahem* β€œhearts” folks! There’s a new ultimate book boyfriend in town! When She Remembers is chock full of sweet swoony romance and mystery. I flew through this one because I couldn’t put it down. I’m talking start to finish in a little over an hour, couldn’t stop reading to save my life, had to have more, crazy obsessed couldn’t put it down.

Graham is *happy sigh* evvvvverything. He is so sweet! So in love with his wife. So freaking perfect. I couldn’t get enough of him. If every person was loved the way he loves Henley we’d have instant world peace. That’s how big this man loves his wife. And that feeling is entirely mutual. Even when she couldn’t remember Henley could still feel that soul deep connection that they have.

If you’re as obsessed with sweet, sexy reads as I am you’re going to absolutely LOVE this one!

Hope Jones is the wife of her very own alpha male and the mother of four beautiful daughters. She lives in a small town in South Carolina, but was born in Brunswick, GA. She’s always had a love for reading, even at a young age thrillers always interested her. As she got older, romance mixed with some thriller/suspense became her obsession.
If you can’t find Hope glued to her Kindle, you’ll usually find her chasing her girls around, running her hectic household, and plotting stories for the alpha men that have taken over her mind.

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