New Release + Double Review: Madman’s Cure by V.F. Mason

The cure is here!
Madman’s Cure by V.F. Mason is available now!
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I’m a madman…she’s my cure.

Once upon a time there was a devil and his bride.

His hell awaited her while she tried to hide.

He found her and trapped her inside.

Where she had no choice but to stay at his side.

Madman’s Cure is book 2 of the Madman Duet and should be read after Madman’s Method.

Cover Photography: Wander Aguiar
Cover Design: Sommer Stein


Julia’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

I’m completely speechless. I’m trying to force words, but all that is going through my mind is “whoa”. A bit unoriginal and boring I know, but when I say V.F. Mason has completely fecked me I truly mean it. I knew going into Madman’s Cure I was going to be shocked. What I didn’t expect though was to be completely and wholly mindfecked. I cried, I screamed, I laughed, I fell in love, I had my heart ripped out, and then it all came to a conclusion. I was left with just my mouth hanging open. I throughly enjoyed everything about this duet. It will completely wreck you though. So warning for that. It’s definitely not for the fainthearted. All of this pain, destruction, madness, and hurt comes to tragically beautiful end.

Arianna has lived through hell. Yet she is still a bit untarnished. She still has an innocence about her. Eudard has lived through purgatory, hell, whatever is the worst thing ever, he’s lived through it. My heart broke for him. He is what circumstances made him. A madman. Yet he is a madman with morals.

I’m in awe of this duet. I have no idea how V.F. Mason will top this. I’m actually scared to find out. Madman’s Cure brings everything to light, and you don’t want it brought to light. Trust me. But you will be doing a serious disservice to yourself by missing this beautiful duet.

Misty’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

I have so much to say about this book, WOW! I’m almost at a loss for words because Madman’s Cure turned me into a bubbling mess…in the best ways though. I was gutted and went through so many emotions that I just never saw coming! I wanted to throw my kindle and curl up in a ball so many times while everything played out. There’s just not enough words to say to ever give this book enough justice for the awesomeness that it was.

First I’ve got to say as much as book 1 kept me hanging, I couldn’t wait to dive into this one. It was everything I wanted just not how I expected! I couldn’t get enough of Eudard and Arianna. This broken pair will remain on my mind for quite sometime. Eudard, I fell for him so deeply. He’s been through hell and back and so much more. He’s a Madman for a reason, you can’t blame him for that, but he’s still a decent person. Arianna, this chick is strong and bold. Knowing her past and how she is able to handle herself, made me love her even more.

This duet is very original and such a physcological and thrilling read. It’s dark and twisty, which is always amoung my favorite types to read. Eudard and Arianna’s journey kept me on my toes and on the edge of my seat page after page. Seriously…start with book one and get ready for one heck of a ride!

She calls me a madman…I call her mine.
Madman’s Method by V.F. Mason is dark, twisted and addicting!

FREE with Kindle Unlimited


About the Author:
V.F.Mason always loved reading books and had quite a few fights with her momma over the genre she liked (romance, duh!) She studied filmmaking and thought that would feed her desire for stories, but that didn’t happen. Finally, when she was tired of all those voices in her head, she sat down and wrote a book. It was a huge decision to make and she thanks her friends and family for supporting her in it. When she is not writing, she can be found with her friends doing all sorts of crazy things or reading recent romance books that were written by her favorite authors.

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