New Release + Review: Every Little Thing by A.M. Myers

Title: Every Little Thing
Series: Bayou Devils MC
Book Seven
Author: A.M. Myers
Cover by: Jay Aheer
Photography by Wander Aguiar
Model: Zack Salaun

Army veteran, ex-cop, and brother of the Bayou Devils MC, Wyatt Landry is a man on a mission. He’s always wanted a family, but after being blindsided and betrayed by his ex-wife, Piper, he’s hesitant to try again… until now. He’s done letting the woman who abandoned him years ago control his future.

Piper Landry knows a thing or two about trauma and she has the emotional scars to prove it. In a moment of weakness, she made the biggest mistake of her life, walking away from her husband and the love they shared. It haunts her every day, but she’s trying to move forward and rebuild her life, without him.

When fate brings Wyatt and Piper together again, sparks fly and old wounds are torn open, leaving them stranded in a minefield of secrets and lies. But the pain of their past isn’t the only thing standing in their way.

Heather’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

In Every Little Thing we get Wyatt and Piper’s story. Wyatt learns that not everything you think is true is not. Piper finds out running from life is no way to live…..
Wyatt is really beginning to feel overwhelmed with what is going on with the cases the club has been looking into. He is feeling restless and wants what his brothers have in life. On a whim he decides to try out a dating app. Imagine his surprise when his last date is someone from his past.
Piper is a broken soul who has been through a very traumatic experience, and ruins the one thing that made sense to her, and made her feel safe. She longs to feel like she once did, and craves to have a family. The questions are… Will Wyatt be able to get past his feelings to realize what he thinks he knows may not be what he thinks?? AND Will Piper get what she truly wants out of life??
Now don’t think this is all sunshine and rainbows. There is still a mystery going on, and the club members are about to reach there breaking point. Follow along with their journey from broken hearted souls, to 2 people who have found love and happiness. After reading the epilogue I can not wait for the next book.. I have read all the books in the series, and I know the next book is going to be explosive!!!

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