New Release + Review: Mister Baby Maker by Kylie King


Mister Baby-Maker by Kylie King is available now! Get it here or read for free on Kindle Unlimited!


Vivian Carter has the perfect life. She’s a powerful CEO, has a great apartment in New York City, and never has a bad hair day. She’s a single woman in a big city living her dreams, but there is just one thing she wants that will make her life complete… A baby.
Jax Lemoine has been attracted to Vivian ever since he laid eyes on her in his apartment building.

He knows she’s attracted to him just as much, so when he gets the chance to make her his, he takes it, but there is a catch: He has to agree to make a baby with her.

All he has to do is knock Vivian up and she’ll never ask for anything again. No strings attached and no commitments.
Jax believes he can handle the agreement, until he realizes that what he feels for Vivian is much deeper than he ever expected.


Ari’s  🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

Quick and ultra-steamy for the win! Mister Baby Maker was a super fast read, but I really enjoyed it!

Vivian is single, strong, independent and successful. The only thing missing is a baby. That’s where her neighbor Jax comes in! I loved the chemistry between these two. It really sizzled despite how quick this story was.

I especially loved watching them get their HEA.

Fun, steamy, and the perfect read if you’re short on time, Mister Baby Maker is sure to hit the spot. 5 stars.


Kylie King is a soccer mom by day, and a writer of ridiculously smutty romances by night. She loves reading, swimming, and mixed drinks that include lots of rum.

All of her books are quick and hot, with over-the-top fantasies that probably shouldn’t be taken too seriously.


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