New Release + Triple Review + Giveaway: Something Wicked Anthology

Title: Something Wicked Anthology
Authors: A.A. Davies, Ally Vance, C.L. Matthews, B. Celeste, Michelle Brown, Murphy Wallace, Missy Ann, Emery LeeAnn, Claire Marta, K.S. Marshall, Elizabeth Cash, Anna Edwards, Michelle Pace and TL Mayhew
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date:  September 30, 2019

Prepare yourselves for when Dama de Diablo spits her Hellfire from The Underneath. She will deliver Wrath & Ruin to all of you Unfortunate Souls.

One step out of line will earn you a Prick from the Forbidden Queen. Once she orders you to Bite Me, you’re going to Wish that The Deadly Hunt taking place Within These Shadows can end in Bittersweet Beauty.
Enjoy being The Toy while you can as your Nights on the Round Table with Wicked Lady T are numbered. Soon we will all fall victim to SOMETHING WICKED.
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Julia’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

Dayuuum. I did not see Forbidden Queen going that way. Hot, fast, and completely twisted. Yet I need more of Shaw.

Within These Shadows is an amazing start to something they could be truly awesome! I hope there is more for Wolfe.

Bittersweet Beauty has left me begging for more. Beck, Jaxson, and Bishop are going to have a hell of a time it seems. I think Bishop has more heart and will be more motivated. So basically read this 🤣 cause you gonna want more

Dama De Diablo is sensual as well as dark. I loved every bit of it. Ruella has me so damn curious of who she was and who she is now.

Talk about steamy, grab your little (or big? 😉) friend, sexy! The Toy delivers steam like you wouldn’t believe. PLEASE tell me you are making this into more Anna Edward’s?

Deliciously evil, Mala brings us a new take on an old classic. I prefer this version as well. Not only is she evil, she embraces the deep darkness in her. Nothing and no one will dictate her life.

The Deadly Hunt leaves us begging for more after we meet Simeon and Ava. They meet under sinister reasons. And I loved every bit of it!

Ooooo LOVE, LOVE Wish! Nadir and Jesse are fecking hot together! I really need to know what happens next!

Where’s the fan at in here? Holy shit Batman. Hades and Ender are going to melt your panties off. Hot, quick, and dirty. The only way to go!

My goodness! Wicked Lady T is most definitely wicked. Her sons and Cinder are too. *fans self* it was hot, delicious, and steamy! Imma be stalking for more 👀

I adored Nights On The Round Table. I loved Em and all she did to seek revenge. She is a total badass.

Unfortunate Souls has a quick, hot, and evil story. I flove how Vanessa carries out her revenge. Loved it from beginning to end!

Oooo Hellfire is a good start to what looks to be a promising saga! Esme, Quinlan, and Frollo had me begging for more! Can’t wait to see more of them!

Nooo Murphy Wallace! Why you gotta do me like that!? I was all into what was going to happen next and BAM. The end. 😭 please continue it!

The overall Anthology was amazing. I’d be handing 5 stars out like I’m Oprah Winfrey if I could. I’ll settle for on 5 star on the whole lot. I’ll say this, some of you authors are cruel 😒 making me wait for more. I need it all. Now. 😒

Britt’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

Oh holy 🤯! This anthology is beyond incredible. With short stories for every flavor of dark there is definitely something here for everyone. I rarely go dark, but each and every story in Something Wicked had me addicted. From the ones that had me reading while peeking between my fingers to the ones that left me absolutely BEGGING for more, each and every one of these authors has delivered something incredible. I loved the twist of villains winning the day and turning some old favorites into something completely new.

Misty’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

Forbidden Queen
Holy Crap, this anthology starts with a twisted little story!!! Talk about family drama. The one grabbed my attention and twisted my mind to pieces while it all unfolded.

Within these Shadows
B. Celeste is a new author to me and I’ll be checking out her other books for sure. This story was crazy good. It will bring out a whole new meaning of mommy dearest after your finished with it.

Bittersweet Beauty
Oh my, what did I just read?!? This is a twisted little mind blowing not so sweet love story! My head is still spinning on this betraying little gem of a tale.

Dama De Diablo
Holy flesh peeling hell!!! This little story is going to dark one wrapped in disturbing revege. Ruella is a boss! Just went it starts getting to the good stuff, it ends!!! No, I need more!!!

The Toy
Bella, betrayed from the beginning of this story. Rook, theres more to him then meets the eye. He appears to be an abducter or maybe he’s a rescuer hidden in disguise. Just as I was getting hooked on this tale, it was over!

Cursed Evil Queen
Mala, the cursed magical dark queen who seeks revenge. Don’t cross her as she takes no issue in dishing out the most brutal and painful punishments without a second thought. I devoured this Evil Queens tale so quickly.

Deadly Hunt
This hired to kill story was amazing. Simeon a hired hunter, a paid killer. He enjoys his contract job, until Ava. I wasn’t to attached to Ava at first, then things take a curve and bam it ends!! I need more of this story.

Another amazing story and I’m torn on who to trust. I need more of Nadir and Jesse because Ive fallen in love with their characters and can’t wait to see what’s to come.

Holy freaking crap!! Talk about all the heat packed in this one. Enders and Hates melted the pages! Mind blowing heat, just the way I like it!!

Wicked Lady
Wow, Wicked Lady T is not only wicked, but she’s got a dirty little naughty side also. I very much enjoyed this little wicked world. Another amazing steamy short read!

Nights On the Round Table
I’m usually not a big fan of stories from this time period, but I really fell for Em’s character and story in this one. Revenge and a kickass female lead…yes please!!!

Unfortunate Souls
Short but not so sweet tale. I’m a huge fan of Michelle Brown’s books and although it’s short, its freakin fantastic!! Ugh that explosive ending!!! I need more!!!

I need more of this one like right now!!! This sounds like a perfect start into an amazing series. It hooked me right from the start and has left me begging for more. It has a bit of everything from amazing characters to all the action in between.

This one here was one of my favorites. It has that steamy hotness factor mixed with a twisted side of darkness. Just as I was fully hooked, its the end!!! No, no, no, I’m left craving more!!

This Anthology is one of the best that I’ve read in a long time. Each story hooked me in, whether it was steamy hot or dark and brutal, heck some stories had an even mix of both.




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