New Release + Review + Giveaway: Noble Savages Box Set


Title: Noble Savages

A Dark High School Bully Romance Box Set

Authors: Natalie Bennett, Nicole Cypher,

Rina Kent, Logan Fox & Esme Devlin

Genre: Dark High School Bully Romance
Release Date: September 26, 2019
Cruel. Brutal. Vicious. Lawless. Merciless.Maybe you’re the new girl.

Maybe you’ve always had it coming.

Maybe you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Either way, you’re about to become the victim.

You’re about to bow, break, and bend the knee. You’re about to kneel at my

I’ll destroy your credibility.

I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you by my side.

I’ll make you learn the hard way there is only one way out.

And when all is said and done, I’ll leave you begging for me to do it again…

Five possessive, controlling bullies.

Five strong, spirited heroines.

Welcome to their Savage Kingdom.

Noble Savages by Natalie Bennett, Nicole Cypher, Esme Devlin, Logan Fox and
Rina Kent is a five books dark high school romance boxset.

All standalone.

All full length.

No cliffhangers.

All the angst, the steam, and HEA you’ve been looking for.


Julia’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

Vicious Knight
3.5 stars
It took me a bit, but I really got into Vicious Knight. Camden is an asshole. Hugely an asshole. He’s one to everyone, including his friends. But something about him just kinda melts your heart. Eden is a pretty tough chick. Camden didn’t make it easy for her at all. Yet she persevered. I loved her spirit and everything about her. She waffled a bit on her feelings which was understandable. Camden and Eden have a lot of fight before they find a middle ground, but when they do? It’s absolutely beautiful.

I think what bugged me the most about the first 30% was I felt it was too much too quickly. I’m a huge fan of dark and bully romance, but I dunno how to explain it 🤷‍♀️ I did like it overall though.

Brutal Prince
4 stars
Brutal Prince is absolutely brutal. Indi and Briar were absolute twisted perfection. Indi has had a rough few years. Now she’s stuck in a place where she knows no one and she’s dealing with survivor’s guilt. Losing her dad was hard, losing her mom was life altering.

Indi has more fire and spirit then people think. She’s a fighter, survivor, and a teeny bit twisted. She does what she has to and she does it well. Briar is a bit of an enigma. He’s cold and aloof. He prefers dangerous games more than anything. Yet, he’s also pretty funny and has a huge heart. It’s just hidden behind dark briar patches 😉

I liked Brutal Prince a lot. The tension was excellent. Kept you on your seat trying to figure out what happened next. Although the flow of the story was a bit bumpy for me. I felt like one moment it was going to slow, only got it to speed up too fast. Didn’t take much away from the overall story though.

Cruel King
5 stars
I can not tell you how much I LOVED Cruel King. It was beautifully cruel, magnificently written, and heart stoppingly good. So quick note, I started this last night and didn’t want to sleep until it was over. Being an adult and all I had to stop at 50% and go to bed. I rushed through my morning work so I could pick Cruel King back up again. I was constantly thinking about it and needing to find out what happens next.

Astrid is so fecking badass. She’s a conundrum of mass descriptions. She’s innocent but kickass, she’s hilarious but serious, she’s vulnerable but strong. She is so much more than any one thing. Levi, oh lort I need Levi in my life forever. He has so much darkness inside of him yet he’s got heart. I loved him in his scary dark moods as much as I loved him in his cocky sweet moods. Both of them are wholly perfect for each other.

Can I give a book more than 5 stars? Please? I’d give Cruel King a galaxy of stars if I could. I was hooked from the get go and loved every second of Levi and Astrid’s tragically beautiful romance.

Merciless Knave
3.5 stars
Merciless Knave brings us Tommy and Michelle. Both are stubborn beyond reason. Tommy with his mean and nasty ways and Michelle with her selfish and distorted ways. But put them together and you’ve got a feck lot of angst, cruelty, pride, and romance. How does that all lead to romance? It just does.

Michelle makes you want to hug her and beat her at the same time. One moment I’m feeling sorry for her, and the next I’m wanting to strangle her. She’s multifaceted. But I do like her. Tommy took a while for me to love. He was just so persistent in his mean ways, but when he opened up a bit I fell in love.

I overall enjoyed this book, but a few things kind of dragged it down for me. The back and forth lasted much longer than I thought it would and became more draining than attention grabbing. Michelle also seemed to be only of two extremes, strong and stubborn but a pushover when ever Tommy had his hands on her. While it’s understandable sometimes, there are also times when it came off as being totally unlike her at all. Outside of that though I really liked reading their story and loved how big their hearts turned out to be.

Lawless Kingdom
5 stars
Rhiannon and Judas are HOT together. Rhiannon, in her innocent ways not understanding the severity of what she’s walked in to. And Judas with his brutal ways making sure she knows she is his. Always. No choices.

I loved Rhiannon! She’s so very sassy and quick witted. She is deserving to wear a crown. I loved Judas. He’s unforgiving and merciless, but he’s hot while he’s doing it.

Once again Natalie Bennett sweeps me off my feet with another amazing read!

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