New Release + Double Review: Irish Eyes and Mafia Lies by J. Haney & S.I. Hayes


Irish Eyes and Mafia Lies by J. Haney & S.I. Hayes is available now!

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After witnessing the brutal beating of her father at Irish Mob boss Antaine Sorley’s hand, Onóra Russo is on the run. Together with her little brother Finn she has fled the safety of her Chicago home for places unknown.

Her instincts say keep running, but loyalty says to do as Daddy instructed. Make the call to the one man who can help her. What happens when the one who answers isn’t who she expects?

Can Onóra trust this Irishman who claims neutrality? With the Irish and Italian’s looking for them does she have a choice?

Rónán knew, knew before he traced the call it was going to be trouble. Then he heard her Siren’s call and couldn’t refuse. It may put his life on the line, but he’ll help her, whatever the cost. Even if that cost is his heart.


Britt’s 🎩🎩🎩.5 hat review:

With action from the very first page Irish Eyes and Mafia Lies certainly starts out with a bang! You’re quickly whisked into the world of Onóra and Rónán that’s filled with suspense, heat and swoon. I really did overall enjoy their story, but it took me a while to really feel any sort of connection to the characters. The chemistry was fantastic, the swoon was on point, but I just didn’t really get that connection at first.

Heather’s 🎩🎩🎩.5 hat review:

This is my 1st book by this writing duo. There is so much that takes place from beginning to end. the story line had me intrigued, and I did enjoy it. However, I did feel at times like it was all over the place. I understand why for the most part since the book is about a young lady whose life was flipped and turned upside down. Not only hers, but her younger brothers as well. She had to grow up before her time and needed to take drastic measures to make sure those she loves are safe.
Like I said earlier the storyline had me intrigued. I mean an Italian/Irish young lady who basically could have it all, but decides normal is what she wants. Question is what is normal? I will say when push came to shove she grabbed the bulls by the horns and dealt with her issues like a champ. When feelings come into play there is a no holds barred kind of attitude. Ronan being a few years older doesn’t want to rush or push, but knows he has found who he is supposed to spend his life with. I’m sorry if this seems like a vague review, but I’m a firm believer in experiencing things for yourselves.


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I was born and raised in Kentucky. I reside in Greenup County, Kentucky with my family. My debut novel, An Unexpected Love, released August 2015. I’m a single momma to my nine-year-old daughter, Jessalyn Kristine. I also take care and homeschool my autistic cousin, Aiden Sean, he’s nine years old. I love photography and seeing what I can capture through the lens! I just started plus size modeling and have been 5 or 6 pattern covers now. Both kids model as well, I suppose you can call us “One Big Modeling Family. I’m probably the biggest book whore, I know. I love books of all genres and get excited when I’m introduced to a new author. I’m often told I act like a kid in the candy shop, which I could totally see.

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S.I. Hayes

From Paranormal Drama to Erotic Romance S.I. Hayes dips her fingers deeply into the pools of literature while supporting her fellow authors and hosting several blogs and her own website. 

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