New Release + Review: Redemption by Nicole Dykes

Title: Redemption
Author: Nicole Dykes
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date:
Four years ago, my life changed forever.
Some see it as a vast improvement. 
I’m not so sure. The guilt from my betrayal has haunted me from day one.
I knew my past would catch up to me. So when it comes crashing back into my life, I know the time has come to finally make it right.
My path to redemption won’t be easy. But I’ve always been up for a challenge.

My life was never golden, but I had everything I needed. Then four years ago, everything changed.
I lost everything important to me, including myself.
I’m not certain I’m capable of forgiveness. So when the past comes back into my life, there will be no absolution for him in my heart.

Ari’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

Logan and Quinn both grew up in the foster care system. Both experienced loss, fear, and disappointment from those who should have cared for them. Together with their two friends, Shawn and Rhys, they form a strong friendship and family to help them survive their circumstances. That is until 14 year old Logan gets a chance to have the family they all dreamed of, but at the cost of Quinn and their friends.

Four years later their paths cross again and old pains resurface and new challenges spring up. Logan and Quinn are now broken, adult versions of the hurt children they once were. Except now they don’t have each other.

This story made me ache. I scheduled for Logan and Quinn. For the hurt and scared children they one were and for the broken and struggling young adults they had become. I ached for their longing for one another and the pain and resentment they latched on to.

Redemption is raw, honest and real. It doesn’t skimp on emotions, but it’s never too dark. The romance and sprinkles of humor serve to give it a lighter tone right after being sucker punched with an avalanche of feels.

Nicole Dykes has once again blown me away with her special brand of romance. Intense, emotional, imperfectly perfect, and utterly consuming, Redemption should be everyone next! 5 stars.

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