New Release + Review: You Will Bow by Ember Michaels

You Will Bow by Ember Michaels is LIVE!

Bennett and Aurora’s story continues in this dark and twisted read!

Get your copy of You Will Bow now!

After years of hiding, I thought I’d escaped him; but you can’t hide when you belong to the devil.

Taking away everything that I loved, he thought I’d be his perfect, broken little doll.

Little does he know, I’m not one to bend so easily.

Following his three rules is the key to my salvation, but all rules are meant to be broken—even if breaking them would lead to my death.

When a business meeting takes a tragically unexpected turn, Bennett’s armor finally cracks, revealing his weakness.

He may think he’s the devil, but the devil can be destroyed too. 

With vengeance in my heart, I’ll make him pay for what he’s done. 

In the end only one of us will bow.

And I bow to no man.

FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Heather!

OMFG!!!! This book will leave you wanting so much… It is like she is dangling a carrot in front of you and just when you think you are going to get it in your grasp BAM she yanks it away. Ember has woven such a delicious dark and twisted tale, one that will leave you guessing from page to page. Just when you think you know what is going to happen she throws a curveball and BAM everything you think you might know you don’t. The dangerous game that begins in this book is one of manipulation and essential for survival. Question is just who will survive when everything is said and done? 
I am trying to gather my thoughts to type up my review. There is so much that happens within these pages that threw me for a loop, and I’m pretty sure will leave you with your mouths hanging open. I could spoil it for you and tell you all the delicious and dark things that take place in this book, but I don’t think so. 
As we learn in Rules Of Bennett Aurora is a tenacious young lady who has to learn to follow the rules. If not well lets just say the punishments for being disobedient are very severe.. Bennett is a man who is not afraid to take what he wants. He does not take kindly to being disobeyed by anyone. As you will learn in the pages of this book not everyone or everything is as it seems. I’m gonna end my review on that note…….

“Ember has woven such a delicious dark and twisted tale, one that will leave you guessing from page to page.” -Heather, The Red Hatter Book Blog 

“This is a must read, it’s a fantastic book and I’m going to wait as patiently as I am able to for the next installment, I just hope the time flies by as I NEED to know where we are going next!” -Sharon, Goodreads

“Ember creates a story that plays out in your mind long after it’s over with characters both to detest and sympathise with.” -Clare, Bangor Belle Books

Ember Michaels is a dark fiction author from South Carolina. When she’s not writing, you can find her binge-watching crime shows, hanging at the beach, and devouring books from her favorite authors! Be sure to follow her on social media!

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