New Release + Double Review: The Prince’s Baby by Mckenna James



Title: The Prince’s Baby
Author: Mckenna James
Genre: Contemporary/Royal Romance

Release Date: August 19, 2019

Allison is carrying a secret more valuable to the royal
family than gold.
The Prince’s baby is kicking in my belly, but as much as I love the man, I
don’t dare let him know.
When I met Crown Prince Sebastian, he swept me off my feet with his
irresistible charm and gorgeous green eyes. Not to mention those broad, sexy
shoulders that would one day carry the needs of an entire country upon them.
But a powerful enemy of the Crown conspires to keep us apart, and to ensure the
Prince’s reputation, I’m forced to abandon the only man I’ve ever loved.
When I look into my baby’s eyes, I see his father, and I can’t help but fall in
love with the man all over again.


As soon as she won our first verbal sparring match, I knew Allison was the
woman for me.
Being a Prince, it was rare for someone to stand up to me. But Allison was
different. She was as strong and intelligent as she was beautiful, and I knew I
had to make her mine.
We were so happy, but now that she’s disappeared, I’ll use all my resources to
find her and bring her back where she belongs.



Britt’s 🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

This reminds me so much of the old romance novels I used to sneak off my grandmother’s shelves when I was too young to be reading them. And that’s entirely a good thing. Filled with over the top drama and a nice touch of steam The Prince’s Baby brought back how I felt when I first discovered the genre. That said there were some points that just didn’t work for me.
I loved how fiery Alison was in the beginning. She was not in the least bit intimidated by Sebastian’s title and had no problem holding her own. But at some point that changed, she became much more meek even beyond what her circumstances called for. Sebastian is exactly what you’d expect from a prince but with a sweet side that I adored. While I really loved these two together when things got tough I found myself disappointed at how quickly they turned against one another. Overall this is a fun read to escape in and I’d definitely recommend it if you love a good royal surprise baby.

Ari’s  🎩🎩🎩1/2 hat review:

 The Prince’s Baby by McKenna James was an emotional love story with medium angst and a HEA. A story about two people who have to overcome many obstacles, personal and otherwise, to be together.

I really liked how this book started off. I thought that Alison was was great, strong heroine. HRH Sebastian has me at hello. The man is sweet and had me swoony and right where he wanted me almost from the very start. I liked their connection and chemistry as well. Unfortunately, as the book progressed I just felt that Alison seemed to weaken as a character and Sebastian sometimes just created issues with his lack of backbone in telling his father he had a child. It sometimes came off over-the-top or very ‘soap opera’ which isn’t bad, just not always my cup of tea, but still satisfying. 3.5 stars.

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Author Bio


James is the pen name for a collaborative writing duo who share an addiction to
sweet tea and a love for wealthy, attractive men. 
Since they
don’t know enough devastatingly handsome men with boatloads of cash to spare,
they decided to create some. They specialize in fairytales for today’s world
featuring modern princes and heroines who speak their minds and carve out
happily ever afters on their own terms.
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