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Let The Shadows Fall: A Tribe Of Hecate Story (The Shadow Series Book One) by Terri A. Wilson is available now!

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Hang on to your chaps, because this is a Wild West like you never knew.
Elizabeth O’Grady and her mother run the O’Grady Inn in Alana Creek- a town known for shootouts, fights, and outlandish parties. When Elizabeth’s step-father died, she wanted to celebrate but instead found a heap of debt, and the wealthiest family in town, the Randalls, own the inn.
When the Randalls offer her an unusual bargain, she jumps at the chance. It doesn’t matter that they want her to steal a valuable object from an angry dragon who isn’t up to negotiating. But dragons aren’t the only secret Alana Creek hides. Elizabeth discovers her town is home to shifters, witches, and mythical hunters, and her past connects all of them.
Now she must risk death to save her hotel. But she discovers a hidden talent, and the Randalls and Alana Creek are about to get a lesson they won’t soon forget.

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“I thought I might find you out here instead of in there.”

The smooth baritone voice swirled in her head. Her heartbeat increased, and the corset grew tighter in the chest area.

Hunter Randall. He was everything his brother was not; tall, well-built, and smooth. Elizabeth had seen him sway a group of people to his viewpoint, more than once. When Hunter Randall walked into a room, everyone, even the men, fantasized about being alone with him.

“H-Hunter. When did you get here?” She put her cup down by her feet.

He propped his foot on a tree stump next to her. His leather pants molded to his legs. She could only imagine how they enhanced his backside.

“I came in after my sister. Just in time to see Poor Old Man Landers being escorted outside.” He played with a pair of goggles.

Elizabeth’s cheeks burned. Thank God it is dark.

“Is he still harassing women with his, um, his assets?”

Elizabeth’s chuckle turned into a snort. “His assets? That’s one nice way of saying it.”


Elizabeth jumped up, yanked out her dagger, and stood in an attack stance. “What was that.”

Hunter put his foot on the ground and held out his arms. “Relax, it’s okay.”

Elizabeth scanned the area.

“Lizbeth, I’m reaching into my pocket. You do not need to be worried about what I pull out. I promise. ChiChi won’t hurt you.”

Her nipples tingled at the mention of the nickname he had for her. He was the only one beside her mom who called her anything other than Elizabeth.

He reached deep into his jacket pocket and pulled out a blob of silver gears and metal. The blob unfurled itself, sitting on Hunter’s hand.

At first, she didn’t understand what she saw. It was the figure of a rabbit, but gears replace joints and copper replaced fur. She heard the ticking of the mechanics working together as the rabbit-blob crawled up Hunter’s arm and rested on his shoulder.

“What is that?” She stepped closer.

He rubbed the rabbit’s nose. “This is ChiChi. She comes with me everywhere.”

“An animal automaton?” She held out her hand, then drew it back. “May I?”

“ChiChi, hā ode.”

The automaton walked down to the end of Hunter’s arm and sat on his hand.”

“What did you say?” She used one finger to tap its head.

“Sorry, it’s Chinese. It means okay, the command for him to go.”

She let all her fingers pet the head. The rabbit lowered its head and purred. “It’s cold.”

Hunter snickered. “What did you expect? It’s not a live animal like what you know.”

ChiChi stepped precariously from Hunter’s hand to Elizabeth’s. She brought it closer to her face to examine the moving parts.

Hunter continued, “I got her about two years ago from a railroad worker. The man was sick and dying. He couldn’t take care of her anymore. Wanted a good home for her.”

ChiChi walked up Elizabeth’s arm and stopped on her shoulder. She nuzzled her face against Elizabeth’s.

“You have to bring her by my lab tomorrow, so I can see her in daylight.”

“I will if you promise to not dissect her like you do every other animal who has the misfortune of wandering into your lab.”

“Uh, I don’t know what you mean.” Elizabeth hiked up her skirt and replaced the dagger. When she saw Hunter again, his head was tilted to see up her skirt. She straightened her skirt and pulled her blouse a little lower, exposing more of the crevice between her breast through the cutout.

“Let me give back your friend.” She picked up ChiChi and hand her back.

Hunter put his friend back in his pocket. “How is the party going?”

“The wake?”

“Yes, I’m sorry. I mean the wake. Strange tradition, don’t you think?”

She put her hands on her hips. “A chance to celebrate someone’s life?”

He harrumphed. “Do you think they are celebrating Bryan’s life or enjoying the benefits of his death?”

“Is there a difference?” She picked up her cup and headed to the backdoor.

Hunter followed. “I suppose not.”

At the backdoor, Elizabeth put her hand on his chest.

So hard.

“I don’t think you should come in through the kitchen.”

“Why not?”

“Tsk, you are a guest not to mention a Randall. You need to use the front door.”

He glanced down at her hand, still on his chest.

“Oh, um, sorry.” Her face felt like fire.

He reached behind her and opened the door. “I have no problem walking through the kitchen. I have been in plenty of kitchens over the years.”

“After you.” He moved his arm around, pointing to the kitchen.

Elizabeth stepped in front of him, then put her hand on the door. “No, after you.”

“I could never let a lady open the door for me.”

“You are a guest. Please, allow me.”

Hunter snickered. “Fine. You win.” His stomach growled. “Hunger is taking over my good manners.”

Elizabeth caught the door as she walked through. “I won’t tell your father.”

Hunter held out a bent elbow. “At least allow me to escort you into the dining room.”

“An offer I can’t refuse.”

He smelled of leather and spice. She wanted to rest her head against his arm but her pride stopped her. 

“You are descended from women who ruled the world, my love. Remember that. Your strength comes from here.” She pulled back and put her hand over Elizabeth’s heart. “Not here.” She touched her head.

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About The Author:

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Terri is a former English teacher and librarian. She taught middle and high school and college. Now she works from home homeschooling her two daughters and living out her dreams via her stories. She began escaping into books a little later than most but was hooked after the first book she read. It has been her dream to give back to the book world since she was in second grade.

When she’s not writing or reading, she enjoys binging on Netflix and painting. Due to her crunchy lifestyle and free spirit, she considers herself a recycled hippie. Her most important goal is to help others jump and learn to fly.

To find out more about her characters and the lives they live, check out her website, Follow her on Amazon and Goodreads, or connect with through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.




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